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Cuz he's gone I think we need a thread for us all to appreciate him on Glee

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I think he was absolutely adorable of Glee! He was cute, hot, sweet, nice and just great!


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Good thread idea. Yeah, I loved Sam and I'm really gonna miss him. It sucks that the decent guy has to go while we have Finn, Artie and Blaine left.

Anyway, he'll forever be one of my favorite parts of season two.


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^ I know! Oh well.... he was a really good addition to the cast...

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 Agree totally.  Sam was so nice and what a hottie to boot.  I'll miss him so much.  He was a great contrast to Finn Puck and Artie.  I just wish he had a better following and storylines in the show.  I wish him well and great success.  Chord you will be greatly missed.

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i didn't LOVE Sam, but he was such a great part of season 2. whereas Blaine wasn't.

i'm gonna miss him so much D:

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I loved him in the Duets ep and the Rumours ep and in the Comeback ep he made JB songs (Note: I hate Justin Bieber) actually pretty good 2 listen to

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and I love he can speak Na'vi (like from Avatar) :)

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*how he can

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