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for those of you who have a tumblr, you'll know that chord has been cut and will only make several guest appearances in glee s3 unlike darren fucking criss WHO'S CHARACTER SUCKS AND HAS NO RELEVANCE AND IS SO FUCKING BORING

and for those of you who don't:


anyway, we're tweeting things like #keepchordonglee, #dontcutthechord and #savesamevans on twitter, sometimes directed at brad falchuck and chord himself. also, billionaire is being bought on itunes. it's jumped from #64 on the glee charts to #8, but the canoe and other sammites want to get it to #1 so we can prove that sam evans is a loved character.

also, if you could get media attention in any way, like this, it would be much appreciated.

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God this is such bullshit. (Sam getting cut.) and thanks Tibby! :D already on it.
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@Tibby I agree with you totally Blaine character is extremely boring and totally dull to the totally flamboyant adorable and lovable Kurt who steals steals each and every scene from Darren Criss.  To Criss's benefit he is a good singer IMHO not great but very good.  I just don't get the public personification of Criss in the least.  Speaking just for me he is just dull as one can get.  Colfer just so makes up for Criss's lack of spark or sparkle to a scene.  I love Chris's vocals Criss has the upper management's kudos when I feel he hasn't really proved himself in the acting department. 

Now for Chord he can sing and can act.  I just  don't understand why they even introduced Sam character when they wrote his character to be dry and mundane to not have any substance other than to clone Finn's character so the writer's could make Finn have flaws to deal with thus making Sam just a tool to use to move these plotlines along.  For me the Finn character was damaged and lost alot of his gentleness and good kind leader qualities.  He became a shell and a sham of his former character.  IMHO the writing has been rather a sore subject to even the critics this season.  Lame and inaffective writing per episode to be inconsistent and have no fluidity or storyline flow to further any subsequent storyline.  In other words they start a plot to fill an episode void then drop it and not even attempt to complete said plot becuz it was just a filler fluff.  To me Sam was a filler fluff.  SAD becuz I liked Sam and he deserved to be given a better stake in the show.  All he was given as a storyline was to become homeless a sure way to be booted off the show.  I wish I had Twitter to tweet Falchuk and others.  But IMO his character was doomed even in the conception of it.  I really wish he could be given another chance and get rid of Lauren instead.  Now her character is a waste IMO.  Bring on the EVANS for keeps please.  At least he is likable.  Lauren is nauseating.

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