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the spoilers made it a big deal when pavarotti died though, and pavarotti was a bird. just sayin'

and there's a couple of spoilers on here that say blaine is auditioning for new directions next season so it wont be him

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i miss pavarotti!!!

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I hope the couple is Bartie!! I seriously need Brittana to happen, they will be so EPIC!

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I heard somewhere that it's Tina and she has been suffering from Aids since Regionals.

Not sure if this is true though.

I really hope its not Burt or Blaine i love them both to much!

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From what I can see, it can't be either Mercedes, Kurt, Blaine, Tina, Mike, Burt or Karosky.

There's been open auditions where Murphey said they were looking for a love interest for Mercedes which will be presented in season three. So she will survive. 

It's been said that Blaine may audition for New Directions in season three. If he will be doing that, he will survive. And if he will be auditioning for them, that means that Kurt must still be alive, otherwise he wouldn't have a motive to do so. 

The actor who plays Tina (sorry, I don't remember her name), has said that her and Mike will have a fine relationship at least until after episode 22 (when the season ends). If I remember correctly, Funerals would be in episode 21, so in order for her and Mike to still have a nice relationship in the end of episode 22, they will both - duh - have to be alive.

it's been said somewhere in here already, that Burt won't die. He will be in six episodes in season three, so yeah.

And Murphey also said that Kurt won't be coming back because Karofsky dies - well, we know that already, but he also said that it won't be Karosky who will "bite the dust", and that the end of Karosky's storyline still haven't been decided. So yeah. 

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There were pictures on set of Kurt, Santana, Brittany, and Sue dressed in dark clothes, as if they were going to a funeral. So I don't think it's any of them. But Sue going to the funeral (and not in a tracksuit for once lol) makes me think it might be either Becky or Jean, someone she would actually care about dying. I don't see why she would bother if it was anyone else. It's definitely not Rachel, Will, or Finn. There's just no way they'd be killed off, and I doubt it's Quinn, either. It's not going to be something stupid like Pav again.  

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i think there's a strong possibility it could be becky

I heard somewhere that it's Tina and she has been suffering from Aids since Regionals

sorry but that sounds absolutely ridiculous

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i think becky

or i really want it to be shelby and then that will force puck/quinn interaction about beth and then idk

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The aids thing does sound kinda ridiculous i just heard it somewhere ages ago.

And i agree i think it would be good if it was Shelby but i just hope its not something stupid.

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