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the whole aids thing wouldn't make sense anyway. I mean if Tina did 'do it' they would mention it or something and if something happen to Shelby that would mean Beth goes to Quinn and Puck and Quick will be back!!!

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   They need to change some of the cast...the kids I mean. This is a high school. Next year is the third year. Were all the kids freshmen in the first year? Hardly.

  Are we going to have Finn and Rachel in walkers? There should be some turnover each year.

Sure, we'd miss some of the kids but by the time the contract's done we'll have "high school kids" who are in their thirties.

  Let a few go each year (I've already heard rumors about Lea Michelle doing Funny Girl on Broadway in another year or so)

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As far as I can tell it won't be Blaine, Kurt, Karofsky or Burt. Darren Criss and whoever plays Burt are definately signed in for season 3, and i heard that KLAINE is continuing next season as well. Blaine is said to be auditioning for New directions then to. He wouldn't do that if Kurt dies and everyone knows that klaine gets the show a lot of money. It would break alot of peoples hearts if Blaine died. ( especially mine)

Karofsky is really unlikely because the director said they wanted a happy ending for him, they want to send out a positive message to closeted gays. If burt died it would be like Grilled Cheesus all over again and he is definately signed in for 6 episodes.

I don't think it would be Holly because they want her to return in season 3 occasionally. I know her and will break up though?

It would be likely that Carl dies, but that wouldn't really affect regionals. Neither would Becky or Jean even though they are likely too. I think the high chances are Shelby, Lauren or Sam.

Shelby would definately affect regionals as she is the coach for Aural Intensity. They say Jesse returns which would mean there is some more stuff going on with the other GLee Club. also Rachel would be devastated even though her and Shelby agreeed to be apart. She's her mum!!!! And there would be a lot of things going on with Beth due to Puck and Quinn. This could easily affect Fuinns relationship.

Lauren could be possible because she is not signed in as a season regular yet and it would show some things about the consequences of obesity. Sam isn't signed on either, but I can't see what would cause his death. Unless its just a freak accident.

I really don't think they would kill off a main character; Finn, Quinn, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Mr Shue, Brittany, Santana or Sue. Blaine is to be a season regular too. These characters make them ALOT of money. They would be crazy to cut them out. Britt and santana dieing would be heartbreaking, would send out a negative message to lesbians and I'm pretty sure I heard that Brittana would continue into season 3.

emma is a possibility? she has a lot of mental issues and I think Mr Shue would be heartbroken.

So it really comes down to, Carl, Sam, Lauren, Holly, Shelby, Emma or Jesse. As long as klaine stays together and the main characters don't die its all ok. Lets wait and see...

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I think it is Becky becuz they all knew her.  Finn knew she loved him she said so in Silly Love Songs.  I thought it might be coach Beiste but if it was her the whole football team would be affected.

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I really don't want anyone to die!!! But if anybody breaks up it should be Quinn and Finn!!!!! Cause him and Rachel are so much better together!!!! I can't wait til the episode comes out!!!!! :)

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From Ausiello: :)

Question: There’s buzz that the upcoming Glee death is Emma! Can you please deny or confirm this, because I will cry if it’s true! —NicoleAusiello: Save your tears, Nic. Emma’s not croaking, although your question nearly scared the OCD-afflicted character’s alter ego to death. “I’d just like to know why anyone would think it’s Emma,” inquires a befuddled Jayma Mays. “Does she get into an antibacterial fit and over-antibacterialize herself?! [Laughs] You know, that can kill if you don’t have enough germs in your body — maybe that’s what they’re thinking?” Or maybe, just possibly, they weren’t thinking at all. Just putting that out there.

Question: What can you tell us about the upcoming Glee death? —KatieAusiello: The dearly departed is female. And not named Emma.

So... I'm still thinking Becky. Or Jean. or maaaaaaybe Sunshine.

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It's been said that Sue is at the funeral so maybe it's Becky, Jean or Beiste. Sue would be at any of those funerals.

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I have a feeling it the person dying is gonna be April.

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Ok it is DEFINITELY going to be Blaine. After he sang to Kurt, they had that tearful hug and Kurt said, "I'll never say goodbye to you." It's so obvious!!

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I think it's Sam.

The episode before Funeral is, I think, Rumors. It's where we find out about Sam's home life. It's also where we see the picture of Kurt and Sam outside of what looks like a motel. Sam is also supposed to be ashamed of his family life and/or want to keep it private.

So if, in Rumors, Sue discloses Sam's background, then that could be what drives him to suicide.

As for Sam's background (and the reason for being expelled) is he (and his family) could be homeless and staying in that motel. Homeless kids usually have all sorts of trouble enrlling in school because of the need for a 'real' address.

So I'm betting on Sam.


Oh, and nice to finally meet y'all.






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