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You know the last time we saw Terri her and Will "did it". and when Terri said he'll regret this. I just realize after reading the forum on IMDB.com people were saying what if Terri was pregnant. I mean that would be a BIG twist. So after reading that I was like I want that and then at the same time no I don't what do you think?

I know some people hate Terri, but think about it.


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I really don't like Terri at all!

I mean, what kind of person fakes being pregnant?!?... how can you do that to the person you love... urrggghhh

Anyways that being said, I think that if Terri did end up pregnant that would most definitely make things A LOT more interesting

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there are like 2039104 threads about this

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WHAT IF SHE'S PREGNANT BUT THEN WILL FINDS OUT.........THEN SHE DIES?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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^^^^ true that. 

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That could be so interesting! :] I never liked Terri but they should bring her back just for some Will/Emma/Terri drama, like there was in the first season! 

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i didn't know there was threads on this sorry

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No, I hate terri she should just leave, and Holly Holiday, so that will and emma can be together

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