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I thought this was a great episode, but it sees like a lot of people didn't like the episode. What's with all the hate?

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I liked this episode best so far this season. Even though the character development hadn't been built up in recent weeks, at least the episode focused on the characters, and not on some PSA. The episode was fun, and for all the irrationality expressed in the club, it's to be expected. They are teenagers. 

I did think Emma getting married was out of character, and that Mr. Schue shouldn't have yelled at Rachel. But these were minor concerns for me. 

I think the the musical numbers in this episode were amazing, especially Valerie! Naya's voice is great, she should be given solos more often! The dancing and exuberance in that song really brought a lot of excitement to Glee that I hadn't seen in a while.

Overall I think that while the episode had its flaws, it was pretty solid.

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Mr. Schue shouldn't have yelled at Rachel. But these were minor concerns for me.

I disagree - I am glad he did that. Girl needs a good slapping too because she is way too self-righteous. And how dare she expect to be forgiven so easily for making out with Puck after spending the entire episode attacking Finn for sleeping with Santana (when they weren't even TOGETHER I might add).. arggh she annoys me to no end!

But as for the rest of what you wrote - I agree. Pretty solid episode - more character growth which is what I like to see in a show. Sometimes I think the writers forget that they are writing for a show, not for a musical.


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I really liked this episode, especially the shake up lead singers-wise.

And I think she needed a telling off, but the writers really need to stop letting mr Schue get so antagonised by his students - yelling at Kurt in 2.02 and Rachel this episode.

I really liked the Rachel/Kurt moments though. And I loved all the songs, particularly the ones New Directions performed at Sectionals. I forgot how pretty Dianna's voice is, and Naya's always amazing.

Basically I liked the character growth and the different song pairings, hopefully it continues.

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I really dont think Emma getting married is out of character at all, she was about to marry Ken last season and it was him who left her. I think this will bring some good drama

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