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I just came from the cinema and I belive I've seen the Asian the one in Glee. don't remember his name ! lol

what do you think about him if you saw the movie already ?

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 Lmao, "the Asian one" :D He's a great dancer, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was in that movie.

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lol well he is Other Asian...... that was him in the movie. harry shum jr :)

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Yeah, I saw him in Step Up 2 and only after that did I realize that hew as a great dancer on Glee, too. I guess I should mention I saw Step Up 2 some time in the spring. He's pretty incredible! I'll never understand how people can do that...

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I saw him on Step Up 2 also.  Haven't seen the thirs one though...

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oohh i saw step up two at the movies, but i was too busy laughing at my friend's enthusiasm to actually watch it.

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Oh I didn't realize he was in Step up 2 also ! I saw that movie long time ago but because he was not really familiar to me because of that.

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