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I feel that the writing for a lot of the characters is inconsistent but mainly finn. Ok so Finn is probably my favourite character, but I feel the writers portray him a bit of a hypocrite. I realise characters have to portray many layers and make mistakes but he completely contrasts his views sometimes. Cory is a great actor and does justice to his character, but why have would ryan murphy have finn so admirable and such a great leader last episode then all full of himself this episode. Self delusion doesn't suit finn as he has always been the sensitive one. I know their kids and have their cocky moments but the reason Finn is so well received is that he has morals and humility. To have him breaking up sam and quinn when he was hurt so badly by quinn and rachel doesn't make sense to me. Having said that his scenes with quinn had a lot of chemistry and I think both need closure. However as a finchel shipper I was kinda confused that ryan murphy would say they were end game, have them have this core love throughout the two seasons then try and say they didn't have fireworks. The gift scene was really sweet and i'm glad rachel realised her worth at the end. The whole quinn is prettier than me thing is getting old. When her and finn reunite hopefully he will have satisfied his feelings for quinn and rachel, her insecurity. They were what was holding them back x

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I think it just shows how fickle teenagers really are. Yes, at times, Finn has shown to be admirable, loyal, and posessing that of leadership qualities, but Finn, as stoic as he can be as times, isn't immune to the follies of fame and glamor and all the vices one has as a teenager.

Finn is flawed. Quinn brought up his hypocrisy when they exchanged mono on the stage. Finn has always been fickle, which is quite consistent with his character. One moment he's the leader, and the other he's unlikable. The thing about him is that he does something redeemable at the end.

Condemnable: His rejection of Kurt and the constant use of "faggy".Redeemable: The ushering of "Furt"

Condemnable: Preventing Sam to play QB just to maintain his 'leader' roleRedeemable: Realizing that one doesn't have to play the role of leader to actually be one, ie convince Quinn Brit and Santana see the importance of Glee over Sue's craven ambition

And Finn certainly isn't the only one that falls from grace. Look at Will and Rachel and Quinn.

The whole back and forth flip-flop: possibly the only consistent thing on Glee.

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Ace I agree with you totally on all counts.  Finn has been all over the place with his character.  Last yr he was kind noble gentle had flaws but redeemed himself.  This yr he's been stoic lame not a very good bf sometimes then he has all of a sudden changed to cocky arrogant willing to cheat guy with Quinn but condemn Rachel for the same actions. I feel Finn's character is the most affected by inconsistency.  Rachel too last yr she was spunky selfish arrogant pushy girl out to find stardom. this yr she is obnoxious not funny to me and she is my favorite character cuz of the layers to her character.  The last 2 episodes were the best to show her character I think.  Quinn has been lost in sitting in a chair as an extra alot.  Mercedes is the most unused talent on the show IMO.  Puck is now in the 12th episode of this season just getting a plot for himself.  Tina who's singing talent is wonderful is lost in the writer's trash cans.  This season has been a great disappointment to me.  Some episodes were so so then few were great.  Silly Love Songs is 1 of 2 that was excellent this yr IMO.  I hope the writers have heard our thoughts on this matter and try to make it better.  At least it did this episode as least for me. 

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I agree with all of you about the characters.  Finn doesn't know what he wants to do be with Quinn or Rachel.  Mercedes, Tina, and Mike sit in the shadows.  Puck who told Quinn last year he doesn't do fat chicks is dating one now.  Also Puck and Quinn who had a baby last year have said a word to each other this whole season who were also supposed to be one of the main couples.  It seems like this season isn't really making any sense.  The writers are jumping back and forth from season 1 and 2.  I hope the next couple of episodes are good because glee isn't living up to it's first season at all.

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I agree with "one" None of the characters seems to be dealing with any issues at all they are just going back and forth in there relationships. No one deals with anything they just move on then it goes full circle. I was really excited for the second season so far not that impressed!

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so the writing is struggling?! so what, this is what happens to Fox, they have a season, then it gets criticised, they see a cash cow and decide to make money on it!

look at last season, each episode had about 3 songs in it until the mid-season break right?! then they came back and there was next to NO storyline, why?! because the albums were selling through the roof!

Heroes had this VERY same problem, Network execs telling the writers and producers what "the people" want, and to hell with the original vision for the show, however i have hand on heart, loved this season of Glee, it is as funny as it gets, shows the inconsistencies with high school life, reminds me of my time in high school, balancing trying to be a jock and a geek all at the same time with girls added to the mix for good measure!

and most importantly, still touches me emotionally, eg Artie's robo legs at christmas?! Kurt's Dad's Heart attack, all things that can really touch someones emotions.

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The writing is inconsistent. Heroes is a GREAT example. I loved season 1: its premise, its pacing, its ability to draw you in week after week. Then season 2 was a disappointment and after all that hype in season 3 only to be a underwhelming let down [the big battle between good and evil lasted 2 seconds, lack of payoff much?] and by season 4 I wanted it to be canceled.

Hopefully, Glee doesn't suffer the same fate. I think Glee does a really strong one-off episode, where it's a vinette as opposed to an overall storyline throughout the season and the series thus far. I mean, any Burt and Kurt scene breaks my heart: those two can act the shit out of any scene they do together.

I just hope RM gets his house in order cause while he can pull off a good show, he certainly has difficulty maintaining continunity.

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Glee is slowly one by one character assassinating just for the sake of drama. its sad to watch 

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Finn has become a total douche! And after the prom episode last night, he was an even bigger douche than ever before when he couldn't help himself seeing Rachel being all happy with Jesse St. James. Though I have to admit it was actually sweet of him to still care about Rachel (Jesse broke her heart and broke an egg on her head, after all), but Rachel was on point as well: "All I ask is that who ever I choose that you be as supportive of me as I’ve been of you and Quinn even though I’m dying everyday inside about it".

Rachel has been respectful to both Finn and Quinn even though it's emotionally killing her, but somehow Finn can't do the same thing to her. Finn questions Rachel's motives in forgiving Jesse just as how Rachel has been questioning Finn for forgiving Quinn. Based on his actions, it's clear that he still loves her, but tends to lose focus and could care less about what's happening around him. And besides that, Finn didn't have the right to be mad because they weren't even dating in the first place. They went to the prom as friends and went there  just to have a good time.

And I would also like to say that I was disappointed that, in the 9th episode of season 2, the writers presented Rachel's point of view rather poorly. Yes, it was wrong for her to do that to Finn, but in hindsight, if you put yourself in her shoes, you'd feel the same way. Rachel was mad at Finn not because he slept with Santana, but because he didn't tell her the truth about his virginity. He had the chance to tell her on the very moment when Rachel came clean about not swiping her V-card because she wanted to do it with someone special, and it felt really good to her to know that Finn was also a virgin because it meant to her that they would "both lose it together".

And instead of breaking the news, he kept it to himself. I could imagine how it would feel for her, going with it thinking that your special someone was also doing it the first time only to find out later that someone had already beaten her to the punch. And out of all the girls in high school who would take his virginity, it had to be Santana. The same girl who made Rachel's life a living hell by taunting her about her conquest in taking her beloved boyfriend's V-card.

I really don't like how he has been written lately. I don't see any character development in him at all. Santana's making a whole lot of progress, but I'd also like to see her show signs of remorse for all her past actions. I also hope that Brittany would be more mature when people call her stupid and show signs of growth. Hopefully the writers will come to their sense and make their characters (and I mean all the characters on the show) more relatable, wiser, more mature and most of all, more CONSISTENT.

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At the end of the 1st 13 episodes, the characters were all resolved.  those episodes were written to end the show (if the network didn't want any more episodes).  I read after they came back that they "reset" all the characters, since they'd resolved all their initial conflicts.  I think that created then and still creates the inconsistencies because they keep doing it.  Quinn is a bitch, Rachel is overly sensitive and vulnerable, Finn is a dumb jock, etc., etc.

Other shows allow their characters to grow while still solving a crime every week, or healing their patient, or whatever the show is about.  Glee should.

Quinn for instance began to grow as she dealt with her pregnancy to the point that when she asked Scheuster if he thinks she can get it all back, he says, "No, she can get something better."  Why can't they let her?

I guess they want to keep the characters simple so they can plug them in as a stereotype and feature the songs (think about how so many songs are about the different aspects of love and maybe that's why all the partner-drama).

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