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Furt Journey Prom Queen Born this way New York            Honarable Mention Power of Madonna, Laryngitis, Ballad, Wheels, Duets  Rachel Finn Kurt and Santana in this order are My Favorite Favorite characters and most definitely love their singing the best in this order as well.  Hated/Loathed these episodes Sexy, Blame it on alcohol, Audition, Britany/Britanny, The Substitute.  In this order.  Do not care for Holly Holiday at all.  Fast forwarded all her camera shots.



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1. Journey to Regionals

2. Hello

3. Blame it on the Alcohol

4. The Sue Bowl Shuffle

5. Theoretically

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1. wheels

2. journey

3. the sue sylvester bowl shuffle

4. hell-o

5. blame it on the alcohol

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