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First off: I'm truly offended and disgusted by Vanity Fair. I will never buy an issue anymore. Never. Using a word like "fags" is so demeaning and derogatory. It makes me sick. "But how can having girls in the audience make these cartwheeling, foam-party fags straight-sexy?" - The gay guide to Glee, Brett Berk (about "sexy") (See here)

We’re not going to let them get away with this. They are a major publication using hateful, homophobic language, and they need to know just how offensive this is.

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another reason why i hate vanity fair.

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according to the comments, the author of the article himself is gay, and some people think that that makes it okay, like he can get away with it. I disagree. that's still a really offensive word, and I can't believe a "professional" writer would use that kind of language. It was completely unnecessary. Good for you for refusing to buy any more :)

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Homophobics! So sad..

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i already dont like vanity fair....now i hate it. thank you miss gossip for posting this

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GRRR the more i thnk about this the angrier i get X(

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Wow, that's surprising. Somehow Vanity Fair is always in trouble for something

yeahhh I still hate Kurt though. Blaine <3

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I just read the article, and although it doesn't erase the use of the word completely, at least the writer got some sense and apologized and removed the word.

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yeahhh I still hate Kurt though. Blaine <3

i agree with this so much.

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That is just wrong. I also don't think just because the person who wrote it was gay means that he's allowed to use it..

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