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It's a bit late to ask this.

But why did all the students cheer on New Directions at Prom but loathe them in school days?

Does someone spike the punch?


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Same as ND gets slushied or foot fight covering them.  The teachers back Sue's denighing arts funding proposal. The cheerleaders dance with Blaine on arrival to McKinley  on the steps as the student body watch and smile along.  A double   Look at the hockey team slushing Finn while they have those  so outdated mulletts so not cool.


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Sorry cannot spell Denying arts funding.  My computer  is typing wierd too.

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The New Directions provided all the music and stuff for prom... without them prom would have been incomplete... they made it fun and enjoyable... plus it was a big event- everyone put aside their differences and just wanted to have fun....

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because RIB don't know what continuity is or how to write a good show

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I don't know why all the students cheered them on. Maybe they were cheering Artie, Sam and Puck when they performed 'Friday' because all the girl students think they're cute? I don't know.


Puck convinced Artie to spike the punch bowl but just as Arite was pouring the 'alcohol' into the bowl, Sue caught him and kept him captive in her office for the whole night. She threatens to pull out his teeth but in the end, Arite says he was spiking the punch bowl with lemonade. So, he missed his prom for nothing. :(

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