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mine is "sexy"

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Ooooh this is hard.

Probably Season 1 Sectionals.

I mean I have a lot of favorites for different reasons. Sexy for the beginning of a srsbsns!Brittana, Duets because it was the perfect ensemble episode, etc. My other favorites would be Mattress, Hairography, THe Power of Madonna, Regionals s1, Born this Way, Prom, because they were really good.

But yeah, Sectionals s1 was amazing, so that is my ultimate favorite.

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sexy - for brittana


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Mines gotta be, episode 22 of season 2 !!!! New York, i love finn and rachel together i think they are so cute.!!!

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Probably Hello...because its when we finally see Finn fight for rachel for a change.



Jesse Fucking St. James

he willfuck your shit up and then sing about it




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Jesse Fucking St. James

he willfuck your shit up and then sing about it

lol so true :D


Hmmm.... for me it would be 'Sectionals'....

In S2 I really liked Blame it on the alcohol, Furt, Special Education, Prom, The Funeral, Born this way, etc.... I prob like the born this way ep best tho

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New york

Born this way

or Blame it on the alcohol 


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omg why do people like new york

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hm the most memorable is the sue sylvester bowl shuffle

but also sectionals was amazing

and omg bad reputation i loved that one

oh and blame it on the alcohol of course

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