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I understand that Mark Salling broke his contract by promoting his band or something along those lines, but has anyone missed his character as much as I have?

The last two weeks have been such a huge dissappointment to me. I think the show is still great and I love many of the other characters, but I feel that no one can fill his shoes. As Finn said, who else could convey his bad boy stage presence?

I kind of hope that the show will bend over backwards to keep him around.



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Eh I didn't miss him that much. The last two episodes rank way up there amongst my favourites, along with the Madonna episode from last season. I didn't even realise Puck was gone to be honest.


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Puck is essential to Glee - bring him back!

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Glee Gleek

Season 2 of the show is going downhill. What happened to the strong storylines from Season 1? If they don't bring back PUCK, my favorite character and eye candy, I won't watch it anymore.

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Bring Puck back!

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Regina Moraida
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I would miss Puck on the show. He is awesome and trully rounds out the cast of charaters. I don't believe he could be replaced. Having said that, I do think he should follow his heart with his band and work out an honorable wasy to free himself from his obligations to the network.

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Gleek of the Month

Although there are probably enough characters in Glee to go on without Puck, I do think he is an asset to the show and is one of the best characters with much to offer in the way of storyline. His redition of Sweet Caroline was probably the best cover of any song the whole first season. (It's downloaded to my IPod and I listen to it on a regular basis.) It would be best for all if the Mark was able to pursue his personal musical goals and continue on with the show, the best of both worlds.

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Hanna - Dare to Dair
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I'd definitely miss him...

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