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1.My life would suck without you

somehow that song by K.C. never did it for me and then came Rachel Berry and the Glee Club and made it amazing.

2. Another one bites the dust

I didn't know that song before but ever since Jon Groff sang it, Queen doesn't do it for me :/

3. All Lady Gaga songs. I love the gaga but I just like glee versions better ;)

I am sure there a lot more...

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1.  Another one bites the dust

2. Jesse's Girl

3. Total Eclipse of the Heart

4. Gives you hell

5. Somebody to Love

6. Don't Stop Believin'

7. Like a Virgin



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All of those were really good, but so was Hello by rachel and jesse<3

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So many great covers but the one I enjoy more than the original is Take A Bow.  

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omg yes Hello was amazing! I also really liked Glee's Gives You Hell.... Rachel sounded like she truly had something to be angry about, where the original sounds kinda boring to me... 

And Glee's Like a Prayer is, in my opinion, the best song they've ever done. 

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I love Journey, but "Faithfully" completely does it for me.

I adore Gold Digger,  Rehab, Keep Holding On (Glee's version only, don't like Avril), Hello (Charlie Chaplin), My Life Would Suck Without You, Jessie's Girl etc. 

They are all better than the original versions. I agree, "Like A Prayer" is absolutely incredible.

I can't wait to hear the rendition "The Scientist" by Coldplay. I want Finn to sing it to Rachel, or vice versa then I will absolutely cry.

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"Alone" was also amazing as well.

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All of them. Except maybe Keep Holding On. But that scene was so beautiful that I loved it.

My favorite: The Climb
















Just kidding! But it did sound way better than the original.

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omg, this is too hard. Probably all of them, lol. They've done an incredible job of getting me hooked on songs I didn't particulary like before. Like Pokerface and anything with Jon Groff, lol.

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"My favorite: The Climb

Just kidding! But it did sound way better than the original."

Omg yes! I laughed so hard at that part! I'm sure Miley was all excited when they asked her to use the song, and then when she saw how they actually did it.... haha

And I do really love how I'll find myself walking around the house singing songs I had no clue existed, before I heard them on Glee.  They've really opened me up to a lot of things I never would have discovered otherwise.

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Beiste: Dr. Jones said the new end of world date is September 27, 2014
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