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I think Sam and Blaine should comeback for season 3 because they are both great singers and talent that will only add to ND.  Now Lauren hasn't shown me any kind of talent.  Her version of "I Know What Boys Like"  sucked.  It's a song where you don't really have to have singing skills behind it also she doesn't seem like a good dancer either.  I think she will be cut next season.  Without Puck she doesn't really have a storyline.  

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If I had to pick one, I pick Blaine. Darren Criss is amazingly talented and Glee has benefited from him being added to the cast. I think if anyone is going to go, it should be Lauren. She hasn't brought anything to the glee club. I find her whole storyline with Puck weird and she is definitely not an asset to the show.

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i say all blaine is already a go. sam i think is. and lauren is funny i mean who cares if she has talent.

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Sam. He's the most relevant, he's had his own storylines (Quinn/Santana, his home life) and he's connected to many of the main characters (frenemy to Finn, close friend of Kurt, ex of Quinn and Santana, friend of Rachel/Mercedes)

Blaine is only relevant to Kurt. Of course, he'll make it, because too many shits will be flipped if he doesn't.

And Lauren...idk. Not a very strong actess, singer or dancer--I think she should remain in the background.

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I am sick and tired of everyone talking about how funny Lauren is .   No one wants to talk about how untalented she is.  I agree with  fizzy 100% about Lauren she isn't relevant and should stay in the background if she stays.  Being funny is a talent but not in a show like glee.  If you think she is so funny tell her to go to SNL where she can be funny all she wants.

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Blaine and Sam.

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Lauren is awesome.

I love Blaine.

Sam annoys me on a fundemental level.

He should take his trouty mouth back to Tennesee.



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I think sam and blaine should come back for season 3.  Lauren should leave she really did nothing this season but co sign the other glee members like be their manager, girlfriend, and friend.  She really didn't sing.  They didn't showcase her dancing.  When it  came to performing she was just in the background doing nothing.  Besides her one liner jokes she really isn't important in glee.  What I mean is without her glee could move on and nobody would care.  But Sam proved to be a strong singer in ND and Blaine is the lead singer in the Warblers.  Plus Rachel and Blaine can do really good duets together.

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Blaine and Sam.  Both really good characters


Get rid of Lauren.. She is funny and all, but she doesnt do anything

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