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Why Hollister is better then Wemma 1. Holly was the first person that Will dated that didn't bug him to hang out more. 2. Holly is fun and energetic. 3. When they broke up Holly cries while leaving. So Wemma, bye! Hollister, Hi!

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if there's anymore info to add to the top

(I know there's not that much)

please tell me if you have more

If you like hollister, I mean

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I am so sad, that Holly is gone. She was like the missing piece to that show, giving it some deep.

And all of this for Emma who became my most hated character on this show. She annoys me to death.

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haha I agree with Stella completely

Holly and Carl leaving so quickly just proved they were only thrown in for a Wemma build up. fuck

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1. Holly was the first person that Will dated that didn't bug him to hang out more. 

2. Holly is fun and energetic. 

3. When they broke up Holly cries while leaving.


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okay so Jayma Mays is my idol and im not saying this just to be ridiculous but if you watch the episode "Hell-o" when she tells will he needs to try taking care of his needs because he hasnt since he was 15 and she needs to work on her ocd because whats the difference with him dealing with terri's crazy and dealing with her crazy she says "can you go now? I think i need to close the door and cry." will leaves and she starts crying. I support wemma but that break was needed. And you guys are making her look like some terrible person, when in reality she isnt. When she called will a slut. He deserved it. He made out with shelby and had april rhodes over for the night(even if nothing happened) she was standing up for herself like a strong woman. I think will should've stayed alone for a while, it was agreed. As for Emma im glad she met Carl to keep her happy but who is she kidding? Everyone knew it wouldnt last and everyone know holly and will wouldnt last. its just a build up for an adorable couple.
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I never though Will and Holly would last simply because they just won't get Gwyneth Paltrow to appear that often lol :) I think they are really cute but Wemma is endgame.

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^^^^^^^ thats honestly the only reason why they still arent together being the coolest couple on the show

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