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Couldn't stand Jesse thought he was creepy and still do.  Why bring him back to apologize to Rachel when she is in love withFinn.  Couple drama sucks and stinks like a rabid skunk.  The storylines are dejavu from 1st season and really pathetic.  Just watch for musical numbers and fast forward thru couple crap especially Finn Quinn and Rachel crap.  Done with the plot lines way too typical and iratic no interest for me in the least anymore.  Thought Thriller and Silly love Songs and Original Song were the best of this season and I'm not impressed with what seems to be in store for the conclusion of this season.  Finn needs to return to good guy Finn to bring me back to watching the show for substance becuz as it is now there's nothing to view along the plot line. 

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I want Jesse and Rachel to make Finn jealous. Finn needs to go back to being a good guy, because even though I love him, he has really been a jerk lately.

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Gaby EE I completely agree with you!

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jesse cracks me up. idk why but he does

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do we know how long hes staying yet?? 

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