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Hej, im new in this show, a started watching lately, because of this enourmos hiatus in my favourite shows ( gossip girl and the vampire diaries ), and i love it. i love so many characters: kurt, puck, sue, rachel, sanrtana, britanny, artie, finn and so much more. the only person that i dont like in this show is Quinn. she is soo bland. but i figured out that a lot pople like her. And i'm reallu curious: WHY ? what is in her that you like ? i can see that a lot pople find her pretty, but i think she is realy average, and other girls are prettier, maybe it's because they actually HAVE character. Quinn is so shallow, she doesn't even mention Beth once, and all she cares about is being cheerio, and prom queen or whatever. She cheated finn with puck, but she isn't so open about her sexuality like santana or britt, she still pretend to be saint, and better than everyone else. So, i would really appreciate, if you told me, why do you like her, couse i would love to understand

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I didnt have that big of a problem with Quinn until the most recent episode! She is clearly using Finn only because she wants to win prom queen and the things she said to Rachel when they were working on making a song were horrible.....I used to think she was ok but now shes just a crazy, stuck-up, bitch!!  And yeah its really annoying that she pretends to be in celibacy club and acts all holy and crap when she has cheated on both Finn and Sam!!

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I have never been a fan of Quinn.... I love Santana and Brittany though:)!!

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People like Quinn because she is human and make mistakes just like everybody else does.  Quinn has went through alot for someone who is only seventeen.  Almost everyone who was or is seventeen just wants to be popular in school.  This make Quinn more relateable to most people.  

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I am tired of everyone getting on Quinn about everything like Beth, Prom Queen, and cheating.  No one ever mentions that Puck never mentions Beth and has dated every girl in glee club.  But everyone trys to make Quinn seem like the bad guy and like she is an attention whore.  You wanna talk about attention.  What about when Lauren wanted to make a sex tape in order to be famous or the fact that she is running for prom queen.  What about Mercedes having a diva moment in the next episode.  I think all the haters forget that each character has a moment where you are gonna disagree with them.  So this is Quinn's moment and get over it.

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THISS^^ Both of you guys above me, thank you! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. ;D

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I loved Quinn since I started watching this show. The first episode I saw was when she had Beth and she automatically became my favorite person. I know this is weird, but when she gave that "happy ending" speech she was telling the truth. Rachel is one of those people who believes in happy endings all the time. Don't get me wrong I love Rachel, but Rachel needs to grow up. I know a lot of Rachel fans are probably hating me right now for saying that. 

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I love Quinn! 

She just wants the be loved and accepted by everyone. because of who she was (lucy), she clearly worked so hard to build herself up to being the person who she was in season 1. and she lost it all when she made a mistake. her parents disowned her, she lost her boyfriend, the guy who was the father of her baby who she was under the impression loved her was still fooling around sexting and she had to give up her child. 

so even when she was as pretty or perfect as she could possibly get she still managed to be at the same place. lonely and hurting. I feel like alot is left unsaid with quinn, its always intent behind the words. like her conversation with rachel - rachel thought it was over finn and the perfect life she was planning with him. but it was more about the devastation that shes going no where even though she did everything humanly possible lima. Finn doesnt even understand her like last episode when he was staking out the hotel with rachel 'you never know where you stand with quinn'. shes so guarded and strong. even with everything she goes through she doesnt whine she just does it no matter what it takes. what she did to sam and finn isnt nice but she craves love and attention but shes human and we all do.

She can go from major HBIC doing her whole independant women thing to get her where she needs to go but underneath it all shes a nice person who just got lost along the way due to her crazy circumstances. 

btw - all bias aside, if you cant see that she is ridiculously pretty you are cray cray. 

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