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Gossip Girl: 8 Things to Know About Episode 100 (aka Blair’s Royally Iffy Wedding)


The well-heeled, well-dressed denizens of Gossip Girl occupied Wall Street — namely, Cipriani Club 55 — on Saturday night to fete the CW series’ 100th episode, which is set to air on Jan. 30. Seeing as the landmark hour centers around Blair’s wedding to Prince Louis, the cast was on strict orders to, ironically, not gossip about what happens, so “I can’t tell you” and “I’m not allowed to say” were frequent refrains.

Even so, TVLine gleaned enough teasey tidbits to paint a provocative wedding picture….

WHAT’S IN A NAME? | It took some coaxing, but executive producer Josh Safran ultimately was too excited to share with us what he called ”the perfect title” for the 100th episode: “The title is ‘G.G.,’ as in the movie Gigi” — but spelled as in the show’s monogram. Nonetheless, I point you to Gigi‘s IMDb page should anyone wish to read into that name choice.

ARE WE IN FACT HEADING FOR A WEDDING? | “A wedding will take place in the episode,” exec producer Stephanie Savage promised. Upon noting my raised eyebrow, she added with an evil-ish chuckle, “But I didn’t say how much of the wedding.” Yeah, we’ll have more on that in a bit….

RUNAWAY RUMOR | The “tell-tale” photo (seen here) that made rounds last week and convinced (some) fans that Blair will bail on her big day? The producers were quick to note that the scene Leighton Meester shot could be but a dream.

DANCING WITH THE U.E.S.-ERS | Mark Pizharski, whose directing credits include Gossip Girl‘s pilot and Episode 100, teased that at the very start of the hour, “You’re going to see something that the cast has never done before.” Though he kept mum on details, Blake Lively later revealed to the press that on Friday, “We shot a big dance sequence.”

DAN & BLAIR | Turning to one of Blair’s non-royal romantic options, Penn Badgley told me that come wedding day, “Dan has a role to play that is not conventional” — and once viewers get wind of what it is, he reckons, “There will be a lot of gasping.”

CHUCK & BLAIR | After waving me off somewhat, explaining, “I’ve got specific notes about what I’m allowed to say,” Ed Westwick did allow that “of course” there will be Chuck/Blair scenes in No. 100. When I relayed some readers’ wish that Chuck “ride up on a horse and whisk the bride away,” he shared, “I’ve actually been taking riding lessons … but no, it’s not going to happen. The horse part, that is.”

FATHER SCOOPS BEST…? | Remember how EP Savage hinted above at a perhaps-waylaid wedding? To hear John Shea (aka the father of the bride) tell it, Blair at the very least gets to the altar. In describing the emotions he felt walking his TV daughter down the aisle, he said, “When you see her [in the dress], it sort of stops your breath. And then as we approach the altar, there’s the whole cast, everybody who’s been there for all these five years.” Oops?

HAPPILY EVER AFTER? | Previewing the episode, Meester herself said, “[Blair]‘s engaged to a prince, so what could be better than that? But then you realize that the fairytale isn’t 100-percent perfect.” So which gent does she think could offer a better chance at giving the would-be princess a happy ending? “Her and Chuck have had ups and down, and as much as everyone loves them together I think that them having time apart has actually helped Blair grow — and weirdly helped me grow, too,” the actress offered. She then continued, “The one relationship I’d love to see play out is Blair and Dan — just selfishly, honestly, because I love working with Penn. So we’ll see!”

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oh my god..Leighton loves Dair so much..
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thanks for posting :)


Like leighton, i would really like to see what happens to the dan and blair relationship. I hope blair chooses dan :)

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Dair is Happening
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I think leightion does want Blair to choose Dan
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Why can't Penn and Leighton be the GGWriters !!?

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the name of the 100th episode is "G.G." as in the movie "Gigi"


here is the summary of that movie from IMDb:


Weary of the conventions of Parisian society, a rich playboy and a youthful courtesan-in-training enjoy a platonic friendship, but it may not stay platonic for long.

this is basically saying Dair won't remain platonic anymore. Unless the writers didn't go with the movie plot..

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I'm actually kind of excited for this episode :) Not like for the ships specifically, just because it sounds interesting and it is the 100th episode! So it has to be pretty good :) I love how much Leighton loves Dair though haha and not too long ago she was all about Chuck and Blair, I guess her and Penn have a pretty good friendship :) cuteee! Thanks for posting the spoilers :)!

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Leighton usually says positive things about what SL she's working on at the moment and plus it's clear she likes both couples CHAIR and DAIR and working with Ed and Penn. Blair isn't in a place to choose Dan since Dan isn't an option yet.But at the snail place they're going right now, it would be more shocking if they don't do Dan and Blair by the end of the season. I just think it's all too much for Blair -- almost getting married and then bouncing into another relationship with another guy? But  I could see Blair finding feelings for Dan and realizing him as an interest.By season's end Dair is going to be a full fledged relationship or they're going to be bust - I could see them extending Dair into season 6. I don't think they're ever going to reunite CB or break up Dan and Blair for Chuck and Blair.

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It's quite funny that in season 1, they asked Leighton to choose between Dan and Nate (Chuck wasn't even an option) and she picked Dan. Another time when she was asked about Chair she didn't approve because she felt that Chuck would hurt Blair. But of course, since the Chair relationship has been in full swing, she's been supportive. As was mentioned, she usually speaks positvely about whatever storyline she's working on which is why we know that Dan and Blair must be in full swing :) 

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I think the Gigi connection is fun because Hugo/Louis (cardboard character he may be) looks an awful lot like Louis Jordan.

I hope they don't go for the full Gigi and have Chuck wondering into the wedding drunk singing 'Thank heaven's for little girls'.

That's a joke BTW.

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