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nope, i keep reading other people's nn's under the pottermore tag on tumblr


aw i know i remember that as well

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ohh right okay

dude my friend has hawthornholly D: so jelly of everyone with cool nns

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i've read ootp the most times

i was like 7 and it had just come out and i went overseas with only that book op

i just finished rereading it the other day

ugh god i cried so hard

the scene in dumbledore's office when harry is furious and completely heartbroken

it's just so...raw

gets me everytime

i think sirius' death was always the one that affected me the most

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omg bree y e s

that was what i was most angry about them cutting out in the movie

daniel could have done that amazingly


so many missed opportunities

i sob every time i read that tho

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