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maybe it can be called 'Glass' Baby Bass Glass. Glass Bass. Because he's gonna treat her like that glass in 4x20
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who cares, she/he's not going to live anyways 

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nah, i think blair will be becoming a mommy this season. cause they need to make chuck a daddy (because that's how people evolve by making other peoples' fiances pregnant).  but then i'm not sure that means chair are back together.   simply means they'll be increasing the dysfunctional population of the UES by 1. 

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rose, amelia, martha and donna can be used for a dair baby. Rose Waldorf-Humphrey. omg.
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Probable miscarriage :( I'm so sad they will most likely take that route unless they realize we are expecting it and want to shock us and in that case I'll be happy!' and the baby should be a girl but I have a feeling its a boy. Let's see!! I love both!! I don't care. Ahhhh so excited to see what happens!!
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omg is it bad that i want her to miscarry because the writers will not know how to handle a baby storyline

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I don't know how the writers will be able to handle a baby storyline but I think it'll be possible if they just show the transition of the characters into this situation really well. As for the baby itself, it just has to be a girl. Can't imagine Blair having a son. And whether or not it's Louis' child, I expect a regal name.

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ari yes it is kinda bad but it's probably what's going to happen

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Oh dear god.
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Cece's Revenge
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Louis, like the father. 

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