So who do you think were the best looking couple? (phisically).

Shippers probably are going to name their OTP, try not to.

For this thread, Vanessa is relevant. Only for this thread.

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FamousCookie[Always have, always will]
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Well... they are my OTP but I honestly think they're the best looking couple sooo Nair. :)

But if I had to name a couple that wasn't my OTP that I think looks amazing together then I guess Dair cause Penn Badgley has grown on me.

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OK, so that was my OTP i just recognized so I would go for Scarter!

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If not Chuck & Blair,

Tim & Lyla from Friday Night Lights...Hands much PERFECTION.

Ooo and my new crush... Simon & Alisha from MISFITS.


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OMG YA! they're gorgeous looking people.

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blair and chuck definitely:)

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I thought about Chair (other than my OTP ofcourse), but i truly think Ed lost his charm.

This is how he looked like 2 years ago -

This is how he looks today -

SO NO. Chair won't get my vote on this one.

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FamousCookie[Always have, always will]
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Oooh yeah I would give my vote to season 1 Chair but nowadays not so much.

And I'm sorry, I can't help it.. but how can I not promote my OTP when they look this bloody perfect together?

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I would say Nair



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