so basically what we have is chuck telling blair in 6.07 that they can't be together and then him going through a downward spiral and them going to thanksgiving together in

yeah wtf.

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these are the same people who were in safrans merry band of nuttersha!! 'safran's merry band of nutters' is what we shall call the writers from now on!! :D I love it!!!

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hahaha safran's merry band of nutters! PERFECT! XD


i'm not even mad, really, i think i'm just confused. and tired of being confused. which is making me mad. i don't know. i just want the show to end so i can live a normal life again. 




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i just want the show to end so i can live a normal life again. this this this

i just want to see 6x08-10

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God, if i wasn't watching this season and seeing how retarded and messed up CB are right now, i would have guessed that these two had finally achieved all-powerful super-couple status. they look almost perfect here. like whoever's sitting across from them is wishing he'd never been born. because these two are about to destroy him. damn, if these two looked at me like that, i'd start crying and begging before i even knew what i'd done wrong! =P though to make it perfect, i would have made blair's face be a little more cool and impassive and Queen Bish

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but WHY would blair wear pants to thanksgiving?! she looks like she's going to work! she looks like ELEANOR! and she doesn't look sexy and anytime she's with chuck and not looking fuckable it annoys me

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which episode is thanksgiving?? Those pants are horrible!!! Why can't they just make her wear something nice for once? Just go with a simple dress and her brown curles down and Blair will look awesome!
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Just go with a simple dress and her brown curles down and Blair will look awesome!

i don't know why they don't understand that it really is THAT SIMPLE with her. she's gorgeous. all they have to do is stop trying to make her look stupid.

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yeah it's like they try to make her unattractive, I hate it. Lompa, I believe it's 6x08 :)

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the word SENSELESSNESS isn't even sufficient anymore. 


*biggest facepalm ever*



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