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And what about Blair's prom dress? All the things he did for her?

So don't say he did nothing for her just becaue he lately acted like an idiot with the whole Eva-shit.

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this list isn't a competition if you haven't noticed that.

Regardless of what this list is, does it mean we cannot comment on it?  

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Remember the thing with Columbia? That took 3 months and he even did it when they weren't together anymore. He helped her to get over Nate in s1 (not really his best work) and even kissed a guy for her.


or as she lost the believe on herself, where that was with yale and everything and jenny as the new queen. blair wanted not accept that she is not the queen more. she had her sleeping over again like this, where she was a teenager. and she wanted not grow up. she thought that she would loose herself. chuck gave her that feeling back that she is ever still the blair waldorf and that she dont need childish games to show that. you know..

ok maybe its something complicated. sorry for my english.

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So what's in it for her? (Also, what has Chuck done for her, EVER?)

And what about Blair's prom dress? All the things he did for her?

Yeah, it sucks that the IP has erased all the other great things he's done for the people he loves. We have to thanks our "dear writers" for that, lol. 

Meh, I kinda like that he dabbles in extremes. It makes him an interesting character for me. He's doing these grand gestures 

and then truly destructive and bad things at the same time.

 His grand gestures in relation to Blair especially is very much attempts to fix things. I do believe it's 

easier for him to arrange the perfect prom, buy her gifts, help her for Columbia in secret or even take a bullet for her ring than to actually TALK 

with her about how he feels.


It's pretty fascinating how feelings are this silent territory for Chuck (personally I can really relate to that).


I really 

like how they pointed out in 4x09 that he isn't a "blurter" well done Dorota. ;D

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aww I loves the whole prom thing. loved Cb so much back then

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Prom thing was a fail. Prom thing indicated NB as prop to CB, which making the whole fiasco as a huge fail. JS.

Bottom line, GG dosen't deserve a spot on the list (even if it was my precious NB I would probably still think the same), it isn't epic anymore and S3 was a disaster.

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Yay, That is great! :) They deserve it.

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Prom thing indicated NB as prop to CB, which making the whole fiasco as a huge fail.

Well, that's the risk with "shipping" or "loving" a fictional couple. We are at the writers mercy, lol.

I think every pair has been a prop to one & other at some point. It depends on which side you look at things:

NS was a prop to DS.

NJ to NV

DV to DS

NB to CB

And now, DS and CB (and Chuck's mess with the IP) to DB. 

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CB isn't a prop for DB since they broke up for a reason. A prop is throwing a couple under a bus with no reason to promote another couple, just like NB.

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Yes rinats right. And NO...... DS is not a prop for DB either.
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