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Rewatched the episode and reaslised one of my favourite parts was this

Love Chuck's shocked face when he sees Eleanor , he actually reverts into a little boy fussing around her , I think this is hilarious and also quite poignant as it was after his conversation with Eleanor that he agreed to let Blair go the last time when she got engaged to Louis at the end of the last series.

So could it be that besides Lily - maybe Chuck sees Eleanor as a mommy type - he always has had Mommy issues  

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I agree - that was one of my favorite scenes! He was just talking about getting a sign when Eleanor walks in and he immediately hangs up. She drank his scotch! Just a priceless scene.
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Are we now shipping Cheleanor? 


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Chuck's been living with Nate for too long. Turns out being natefused is contageous.
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