Should be like this. Badass.

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I love his current hairstyle!! :D

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I definitely agree, this needs to be the Chuck Bass style for Season 3. I even didn't mind it at the beginning of season 2 when it was kind of long and messy but now it's just too old man looking. I saw pics of Ed playing soccer and he's looking pretty hot, I wonder if we'll get to see more skin next season too  ;-)

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His hair like this also adds height, haha.

Yes, stubble would be nice. :D

I also wish his fashion would be a bit more relaxed, less suits and more open-collared shirts.

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Cute picture Nice Hair

Chuck needs just a Little Bit ED Style ! Than it's to perfect =)

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I really like when Ed has messy hair. It so much better than S2 Chuck's hair. I know C doesn't have this Rock n roll style that Ed has, but still! :)

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yehh his hair needs to have somethin done, bearing in mind they're only like 18/19 in the show LOL. he cant look TOO old regardless of his maturing.. season 1 hair all the way :) or Ed hair

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yeah i like chucks hair anyway :) i wouldnt mind a few change ups, maybe mess his hair up a little, but i dont think stubble because they are still trying to make him young ya know? like hes 18 and fresh out of high school. obv ed is a couple years older than his character and can pull of the stubble looking gorgeous, but it would be weird for chuck to have stubble, its just not his style.

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I can't even imagine him as a high school senior right now because of all the effing suits and coats and bowties and neckties he's wearing! I've suspended my disbelief a long time ago. In fact I don't even remember when.

His hair in the latest episode is really...not good...especially that camera angle used when Nate talked to him. (That Nate-Chuck scene in Murray Hill last ep too.) But I don't mind sideways shots because of his awesome jawline. :)

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Def a hairstyle like this.

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