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As thus assembled, the flywheels part 150 is connected for torque transmission with the hub assembly 130, but part 150 may be deflected out of the plane at right angles to shaft 85. As the flywheel rotates, it will establish (or tend to L maintain) its plane of rotation at right angles to the shaft 85. During rock crushing, as previously explained,<a href="http://www.lightcrusher.com/solutions/coal-crushing.html">coal crushing machine for sale</a>, when the shaft 85 is laterally deflected and thereby assumes a somewhat bowed condition the spherical seat 133 of the inner 3( member will rotate angularly with reference to the outer flywheel member 150, even though at the same time member 150 produces a rotative torque upon the members 131-131, and consequently upon the shaft 85 by virtue of the rubber 3, block connections between the flywheel members 150 and 130. Due to inherent gyroscopic forces upon the flywheel member 150, it will continue to rotate in its established plane of rotation regardless of deflection of shaft 85, but at the same 4( time, will deliver kinetic energy (as a rotative torque) to the shaft 85 through the flexible rubber block connection.

In the crusher shown in Figure 1, there is provided a rock shield member 170, which extends upwardly from the frame portion 13 to within a short distance of the rear face of pitman arm 30 as shown at 171,<a href="http://www.lightcrusher.com/solutions/stone-quarry-equipment.html">stone quarry machine for sale</a>. It is usually desirable to provide a flexible tip such as tip 172 between the rock shield 170 and the pitman arm. This may desirably be made of flexible belting or the like.

The rock shield prevents small chips of rock and dust from working down into the space behind the crusher jaws and interfering with the action of the toggle plate 40 in wear block 38, at which place the bearing pressures are exceedingly high and the bearings must therefore be maintained in as good condition as possible in order to prevent undue wear. The exclusion of dust and rock chips also facilitates free action of the wedge blocks 42 and 52 for adjusting the toggle plate 40.

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