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What would you want to see fixed? And please let's focus on these characters as individuals, not focus on ships only...We don't need another thread dedicated to ship wars.
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I'd like to see

- blair regain her backbone

- the characters actually being friends

- Serena being happy cos she's been royally screwed over

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bascially what alicia said. Except I'd like to add that I'd like to see a little more scandal and sexyiness, and the carachters actally acting their age for once, thank-you-very-much

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I want...


the old blair back


the characters to act like themselves


it to be realistic instead of warped to make certain things happen


chuck to be happy!!


dan to write an actual book, not pathetic UES fanfic


it to be fun again (safran keeps saying the eps are light and fun. S5 has been 60% miserable and 40% confusing nonsense)


it to be about the UES, no more Brooklyn


no more family storylines!! (by this I mean no more chuck mystery parent SL, no more secret rhodes family members, etc. I'm so sick of the incest and it's all like the maury show, not GG!!)


it to be as much like S1/2 as possible so the show can end on a high note. S3-5 have been awful, but this season takes the cake by being the worst TV I've ever had the displeasure of watching.


the cast to finish college!! especially blair!


blair to get a job and stop just being a whiney socialite that doesn't do anything worthwhile.


so many other things!!

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I would like to see a new direction for this show. I kind of hate the soapy, cliched storylines and I want the show to get more real with more dramas and scandals. Also I would like to see the main characters layered again, not just caricatural as they are now. 

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hm1. fixing lilys character! (i dont like the cold bitch) she was so much better in the past seasons (especially season one, season two, season 4 ending, season 5 beginning)2. give rufus the gallery or his lincoln hawk back.3. serena, blair, chuck finishing college together4. nate making a world trip and makes new experiences.5. more family storys (no scandals or stupid drama)6. bring the friendships backbring realistic topics like school problems, sickness, mobbing, (and more)7. bring jenny back^^

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to bad that we can not edit here.


5. more family storys 

(no scandals)


bringing back the friendships.


bring on realistic topics like school problems, sickness, mobbing

(and more)


7. bring Jenny back!

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I want Serena and Nate to have storylines that aren't complete bullshit. And I'd really enjoy Jenny coming back....

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I want the writers to stop rewriting ad paralleling scenes !!!
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I want the actors to kill the new showrunner and all the other writers for that matter as a form of protest.
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