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Hi Sorry, I am kinda new to the series am very confused :S


Can you please help me?

Season 1, Jenny sees Blair as her Role Model, she aspires to be like her and worships her etc, does almost anything to be one of her minions for popularity and gaining status in Constance Billard School.. To be a social climber for short..She tried really hard to be sweet and make friends with them, especially Blair.  she refer to this in season 2 of in the episode of The Serena Also Rises" said something like you might be privileged B, but you work for every single thing you've achieved. Like me. Serena just glides through.Later on saids,  I wanted to be your friend last year for a reason. I wanted you to like me.


Anyway, for some reason Blair was kind of a Bitch to Jenny, she used her, insulted her, and embarassed her.and treated her like dirt, in the first season of GG, B wouldn't even let Little J sit next to her, I understand Jenny let power get to her head, later on was treating Blair wrong. Then again Blair made Jenny who she was back then, first by rejecting her or forcing her to do things her way to keep up.


Later on, Jenny admits defeat no longer wants to be in Blair's group

Season 2, Jenny is treated like a outcast, Blair's minions picks on her until she quit's school..Somehow she  and Blair come to some understanding, returns to the Constance , stands up against B's minions and even later episodes, manages to  Co-Exist with them... in the season finale, Blair chooses her to be Queen of Constance to carry on B's Legacy..


Season 3. As the new Queen of Constance, Jenny tries her best to become like Blair,to win her approval,she told Chuck, Blair doesn't want me to be queen, he replys on changing her mind. .Later on she  hurts her family, along the way,in the end she  almost ends up loosing everything. .For some reason, in the season finale,, breaks down crying, saying Blair hates her.... Seems Blair banned her?


Season 4- Jenny is scared of Blair :P

Gossip Girl Fans, can you help me? Maybe you understand it better then me,  I don't understand how Blair could ever hate Jenny..  it's clear A girl like Jenny idolized what Blair has and what she stands for. Blair is rich, beautiful, and popular. All  Jenny ever wanted was to be her friend and help her but Blair either rejected her or made her into what she wanted.

Most of all, Jenny wanted to be accepted by UES, to be part of their world'' She's was more of  an outsider among the UES kids. She has nothing compared to these  rich wealthy kids and she struggle  to fit in. She  lives in Brooklyn.which also bothers her,  in  Season 1-3 of Gossip Girl, makes it clear of being tired, of her peers looking down on her being from Brooklyn...


Why does Blair and her minions call her Little J? What does that mean :S


Another question, what happen to Jenny's minions, looks like the writers drops them?I Know when she was Queen J,  She had her own minions in Season 2- Gossip Girl...

Thanks so much to anybody who can help  =)










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I think it's becuase Blair sees a lot of herself in Jenny and that triggers the ruthless gene in her. Also as Chuck pointed out once, J actually went toe to toe with Blair and won, somehting that rarely if ever happens.

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And Jenny slept with Chuck, which is humiliating for Blair because she....'shared?'....something with someone who she happily perceived as beneath her.

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