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I think these two are on a great career path. I mean who else can bring me to tears in almost every scene! I especially cried when Blair and Chuck were arguing after the second GG blast. When Blair took Chuck's face in her hands and said  'Chuck Bass, I love you. I love you so much.....it consumes me. Chuck had tears in his eyes...

Then the light, romantic ILY scene at the end was wonderful. It was a refreshing thing after all the CB angst. Amazing how simple it is to say it now for Chuck, once the initial ILY was spoken from his lips!

Chair always have and always will intrigue me!

So way to go Ed and Leighton for breathing life in these two characters. I can't imagine anybody playing them better!


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i totally agree with u!!! i love them! they are my two favorite cast members. they can bring humor, wit, and drama. they kno how to play the connivin pair or the sweet pair. i think the ILY scene is a catalyst of more sweet chair moment. it shows that not all their moments have to be so dwn and sad

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Yes Chairfan03, they certainly can bring humor, wit and sexiness to the screen! Can't wait for Season 3!

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These two are the reason why I started watching GG in the first place. The very first episode I ever saw was Hi Society and I was like "Hello, what is going on with these two? I'm intrigued." But I missed most of this season when it first aired and then a couple months ago I got really into it  and got all caught up and now I'm officially obsessed with this show. I didn't want to be this into it, but Ed and Leighton's acting pulled me in. I think GG will be better than ever next year!

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Yes, they both have great chemistry on the set and are the reasons why I watch GG.  They both show so much emotion with each other, so much more than any other characters IMO.

Ed during Chuck's breakdown was AMAZING.  And Leighton's skills are so diverse!  From Blair being a total b*tch to the insecurities of a screwed up girl to the angst of someone in love. 

Now if the writers can get their characters back on track with consistent storylines, they will be enjoyable again to watch.

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Ed/Chuck has cried/been teary eyed 3 or 4 times - all good - but I have to say, the scenes in this finale just blew all his other scenes out of the water - even better than the episode when his dad died. That seduction scene - forget about it. The ending scene - amazing. But what really got me was the scene when Blair grabbed Chuck's face -- he was so emotional - they both were. But Chuck's eyes - the way he looked at Blair - you could tell he was terrified of what was to come next in their lives. 

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They are amazing! & they have A LOT of on screen chemistry.

They make GG.

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OH yes, and leighton's face after chuck said "maybe it was..but it's not anymore". her chin was trembling and i felt her emotion explode off the screen. it didnt even look like she was acting, it looked like the love of her life had really just broken her heart. and don't even get me started on ed. he should win an oscar.

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OMG! They were just AMAZING! I cant think of any other word to describe it, there perfromances just blew me away.

The way leighton said "chuck bass, i love you, i love you so much it consumes me, and i love you and i know you love me to" was just amazing! Shes brilliant. And when her bottom lip was trembling and she cryed it broke my heart! And you could see how in Eds eyes he was just so afraid, but you could see he loves her and he wanted to say it so bad.

I just LOVE how leighton can go from funny to bitchy to queen to in love to heartbroken! They are both the best actors on the show, hands down!

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Victoria Loves Chair     I'm so glad you brought up the chin trembling because I noticed that and it just made me ball. It was so natural because when ever I cry about personal issues, my chin trembles so when I saw Blair do it, that made it so much more for me because I felt like she feels the same way I do when I cry.

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