I think Blair needs to come back too. Until she finds herself again and comes to her senses, she shouldn't be with Chuck yet. But it makes absolutely no sense for her to start up a relationship with dan. She loved louis enough to marry him, and she really really loves chuck, so to add another guy would just make her look all over the place, and it would devalue her love for chuck. (and again, it makes blair look really bad. she needs to pick 1 man and stick with it, and she's made it obvious that she loves Chuck.) 

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haha yes I'm surprised it has so many posts too but that's just because we've started going off on different subjects, not the title of the post (which yes, is very stupid)

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Going along with what Elise said I think that Blair getting with Dan would devalue her feelings for Dan too. And how can Dan ever truly believe that she loves him and won't go back to Chuck after hearing her and seeing her say time and time again how much she loves chuck, more and more each day???? that is one of the main reasons why I don't understand those people who love Dan but then want him with Blair. That isn't really fair to Dan because even if Blair falls in love with Dan, in her heart he will always be second to Chuck.
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@ Stella~ I am just as shocked as you are that this thread has so many posts! lol~ I assumed given the nature of the all whom post here would not waste any time commenting on a NEWCOMER's post that it would fade away. SMH~@ Elise from the upper east side~ Excuse me for the title of my stupid post and being a NEW comer to your obvisious "I own this joint" attitude on this forum. Oh gawd~ I just called it as I saw it. This fake character Chuck sold Blair for a hotel before  and Blair telling Chuck on last eppy "what chance do we have if our fresh start is you buying me from louis". No one else sold blair before just your precious chuckles. So forgive me if i was spoonfeed my opinion~ lol~ geez, when this series ends, What I wannt to know is what will you do with your time??? 

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I'm so sorry I didn't realize how rude that sounded. I just thought it was silly to name a whole thread on one thing that happened during the episode. Obviously, your point led to lots of discussion though, so maybe it wasn't as ridiculous as I thought!

haha what are we going to do with our time after next year?? Hopefully I'll study more or something...I doubt I'll find another show that I care this much about :) 

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Excuse me for the title of my stupid post and being a NEW comer to your obvisious "I own this joint" attitude on this forum.


In the whole scheme of things, I'd say Elise is pretty new here herself. You only have 29 posts less than her.

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Haha I probally wont be obsessed with any show like I am Gossip girl.

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ya I'm really new too! I made my account a long time ago but forgot my password so I always commented as a guest until I finally guessed the right pw again :) sorry if it seems like "I own this joint," but I definitely don't b/c I just started posting on the forums recently!

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Hi DictatorBlair -- we might be on different ships, but I always enjoy your posts!

I don't mean to be rude, believe me. It's because I realize we have the exact same wish for Blair's future character development that I am trying to understand why you are not excited as we Dair fans are that she might actually have a chance to be that person again... when she refused to be bought back by Chuck last night but she asked for Dan's help, I was excited that she may actually have realized that she needs a person by her side, and not a person above her.


We can agree on one thing, I think, no matter what our ship.  When/if Dair is a couple, we really want Blair to be Blair, and we want Dan to be Dan while it happens.  TBH, I was expecting more from the Dairport stuff last week.  You guys had me nervous!  But I think most Dair fans agreed that Dan for most of the ep (except when he told B off) was NOT good old down to earth, witty, sensitive and artistic Dan from Season 1.  I always liked Dan because he was straightforward... not anymore.  Also, the GG writers admit that this season's Blair is not Blair (no kidding).  I don't mind exploration of Dair (for a while, LOL), but what I hate most is rampant character assassination for the sake of plot. 




In my head, I totally SEE how better GG writers could write Dair AND preserve Dan and Blair's sharp edges.  Dan, particularly in Seasons 2 and 3 (yep, I love those seasons) would be especially awesome to spar with Blair in all her glory.  Right now, the prince SL has damaged Blair SO much because it's rendered her OOC for at least 15 episodes.  I can buy Dair's W internship leading to more, TBH, post 4x17 kiss and even as Chair as I am was shocked that she said it made her decide she wanted to be with Chuck.  Instead of being scared of the Chair fandom (we ARE mighty, I will admit that!), they should have just gone for Dair after the hiatus and dropped the Louis thing since they didn't pursue it last fall. 




ACTUALLY, what they should have done if they wanted to make a Dair or non-Chair endgame plausible was to actually have Season 4 as such:  Blair/Louis should have happened (maybe secretive dating, NOT engagement!) while Chuck/Eva happened.  It would have been so hilarious for Chair's breakup to lead to dating two European guest stars, LOL!  Then you could have had them sabotage each other, have the enemies-with-benefits leading to Saints and Sinners, Blair's revelation that she wanted to be her own person, THEN the Dair internship.  Bring Dair back after hiatus exploring their feelings while the BI storyline/Russell/Raina/Jack plays out.  Once Chuck's over the Thorpes and Raina is gone, he looks up and Blair is with Dan.  MAJOR DRAMA that we actually CARE about -- Blair isn't horrifically OOC -- Dair gets their time in the sun.




The Louis storyline, and abandonment of the Dair buildup of Season 4, after the glass punch, is one of the worst mistakes they've made in this show's run.  (I can't say that the IP is -- my fellow Chair shippers might get angry, but I didn't find it OOC for where Chuck was at the time.  I think it's so weird that people say he sold B to a rapist, though, because the case can be made that the Basses are all pretty immoral when it comes to sex -- think of Chuck in the pilot, AND Blair slept with Jack voluntarily one season prior.  So my feelings on the IP are different from many Chair shippers -- BUT I get tired of anti-Chair bringing it up because in story time, it was an eternity ago... what, do people want me to bring up how cute I thought Dan was with Vanessa, and how secretly Danessa (which is GG book canon endgame) is my TV show Dan OTP?  Dan/Vanessa is just as relevant as the IP, because I hate how he ended a lifelong friendship when the relationship went bad.



Sorry for writing a book.  I like chatting with intelligent Dair shippers, LOL!

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LOL, I wrote a BOOK in a thread with a title that pisses me off!  LMAO... despite the title there are some great conversations going on here. 




Honestly, it'd be nice if GG is my first fandom where the opposing ships aren't preparing for Mutually Assured Destruction!!!  I think we can talk across our differences, and I'll try to keep watching even if my beloved Chair continues to break my heart this season *sniff*.

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