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Now that the show's is finally over, I felt like writing a couple of things. I don't know maybe for closure or something. When the show started, I really liked Blair and Nate together. Then, Blair and Chuck became a couple and I became their fan. However, when the writers messed up the storylines, the couples, and hence the show; I stopped being a Chair fan. Later on, when Dair became an item, I started to root for them. Nevertheless, as the show progressed, I became more and more disappointed. Instead of looking forward to watching the show every Monday, I was like "nah, I wonder what other absurdity will happen."

In a nutshell: everything was great only during the first and second seasons. Dan and Serena's fun and steady relationship, Rufus and Lily's relationship too, and even Jenny Humphrey before becoming Gothic Barbie. It was entertaining and interesting to watch as everyone was in high school, they were growing up, having fun, making mistakes, etc. But it became to a point in which everybody wasn't anymore in high school, but they were still acting like kids. Apparently, the only thing that kept changing was their wardrobe but not their maturity. Apparently, nobody cared to go to college anymore. After all, they were already rich so they didn't need a diploma. What for really?  

Blair ended up being the same spoiled, immature, conniving, and elitist person that she was from day one.

Serena still never learned about the value of hard work and loyalty.

Dan ended up as the outsider who got married to an insider, that's it. Although he and his family were once part of the VDW family, they were like the typical noveau riche that nobody care for, but were only accepted out of social obligation. 

Jenny never became an insider as well. On the contrary, she became an outcast once Blair banned her from NYC. J for Waldorf? Just another proof that the only reason "she made it" was because she got help from an insider. She didn't make it on her own.

Eric was a really likeable character, but his purpose seemed to be only Serena's brother.

Rufus was just a waste of time. He was boring, idle, always being used by women. Apparently, all he knew was to make waffles and be Lily's trophy husband.

Georgina was the only congruent character from beginning to end. Once a bitch always a bitch. Always a blast to watch.

Nate ended up like the character from the Sugar & Spice movie, Jack Bartlett. Handsome and rich, but always dumb. At least he ended up alone and lived up to his reputation as a playboy and libertine.

Chuck at least was able to learn about commitment. Downside is that he never got to be a better man than his father, as he never made an attempt to save him from falling off the roof and the only reason he was able to move on as an "independent" entrepreneur was because of his father's death. Both deaths. 

Speaking of Bart, his storylines were just a complete waste of time. He should have remained dead. What was really the point of bringing him back? What I don't get is how can a man save the life of his son and then decide to get rid of him? Blood transfusion vs attempted plane crash. 

Lily ended up being the snob she always was. I think she even became worse than her mother. I was glad that at least, Rufus had the dignity to not get back together with her for the 5th time or whatever that wouldn't have been. See, Lily and William were a perfect match; both were unscrupulous and frivolous. 

Anyway, I know that a lot of people wasn't happy with Dan being GG and all because there were obviously many plotholes. However, I do like that he was GG. I liked his explanation of why he became GG. I mean, it was an obvious homage to Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and the character Jay Gatsby himself. The only difference is that he was able to get the girl, while Gatsby wasn't. I liked that he and Serena ended up together. I think that it was clear one way or another that they were each other's true loves. As opposed to Lily and Rufus. 

I just don't understand how is it that someone would forgive and forget someone who played around with your life, reputation,  even self-esteem etc? I'm talking about Serena and Dan after revealing he was GG. I'm sorry, but that isn't right. The end justifies the means? I don't think so.  

I even think that Dair should have never happened though. What was the point? Serena slept with Nate and so Blair now had to sleep with Dan? so Beverly Hills 90210. Anyway, I think that it was just a rebound for both Blair and Dan, or at least it seemed like it was to Blair. I dug the idea of Dan being in love with her, but once he and Serena hooked up at the ridiculous divorce party and everything that happened thereon, was just absurd. 

I'm glad Blair and Chuck ended up together because let's face it, it was clear that Blair loved Chuck above anything and everybody else in the world. Chuck had his ups and downs when it came to Blair, but I guess he loved her. Even when he traded her for a hotel. Both were snobs, arrogants, elitists, socialites, hedonists, and narcissists. Basically, the female and male version of each other, or if you prefer soulmates then. 

I would have expected though a more romantic wedding. It was so rushed and spur-of-the-moment thing. I didn't like that. 

Jenny and Eric's onscreen time during the finale was ludicrous. Lola, Juliet, Agnes et al. were fun to watch. I didn't care about Vanessa to be honest neither Ivy. Oh, I really liked Georgina and Jack together. They should've been an item way before on the show! Glad to see the good side of Jack as well. 

Chair's kid was really adorable, plus he really looked like he was Chuck's son. Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell's part was kinda funny. So was Michael Bloomberg's part. And Dorota? after all these years, she continued being Blair's maid and now Henry's nanny or what? 

Whatever happened to Lily and Rufus' son? To Carol? To Blair's dad? Dan's mom? Oh well, I know that sometimes it's hard to get everyone on a show, but it's hard not to think about other characters who had a purpose once on the show right?  

Okay, I think that's it. Sorry if it was too long, but I had to share everything I thought about GG and its finale. Please, please don't be rude if you feel like sharing your feedback. We're all here as GG's fans, not enemies. 








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rufly= open ending, like matt and kelly already told it too. everything else is not accectable:)

oh and i think nate and jenny got an open ending too.

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In a nutshell: everything was great only during the first and second seasons.this this this. they messed everything up after season 2. ugh this show should've ended after 2x25 if they were going to ruin it like they did :P

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