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So i was a bit dissapointed in the fact that dan turned out to be Gossip Girl. But I thought it would be fun to start a forum filled with gifs,quotes, and other hints since season one, that alluded to the fact that Dan might be gossip girl (even though i'm sure they just decided Dan was gossip girl sometime recently). it would still be fun to put together the story ourselves.

They already mentioned first of all that Dan was the one to show up after graduation at that bar to meet Serena.

2. The pilot episode. Jenny announces how Dan fell asleep on gossip girl


please add more!! :)

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i really remember only one "hint". and only because some chick on tumblr said so. soo.....

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In 2x25, the graduation episode, when they NJBC tried to unmask GG at the VDW post graduation party, Dan had lef the party with Vanessa before the scene where the NJBC is sitting in the stairs and sends the blast that ringed in Jonathan's phone.  It was a convenient thing that the writers could have done in case they ever decided to put Dan as Gossip Girl, which they finally did in the finale.

On 5x9, the whole thing of Dan and Alessandra tweeting about Inside, in a way is a subtle hint, first because we see Dan thinking that tweeting about his book with an assumed identity will work, then we see him work with Alessandra instead of being mad at her for trashing his book online, and at the end they switch places about who tweets love and who tweets hate, and we see him tweeting hate about his own book.

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The one thing that bugs me in 2x25 is the tag about Serena, I can understand him trashing the other 3 and even himself (even though at this point trashing Nate was already mean from his part, they were friends by then) but trashing Serena?  What was the point of that?  What was he achieving with that?  And other thing that kinda bugs me bit is the whole reveal at Nate's party.  Were he and Jenny acting outraged about their post, or was he pretending to be outraged about Jenny and Jenny was actually surprised that he was in jail?  Or maybe Jenny still didn't know about him but knew later?

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I actually don't get the Jenny knowing about Dan being GG part at all. Why would Jenny wanna expose the whole world to whom she lost her virginity with?? Couldn't she just go live with her mom without that..duh..

Specially when she knew how a psycho Blair can be. And there have been many posts that hurt Jenny.. Don't know why anybody in his right mind would do that to his sister.

Also Jenny sent the pic of Dan and Serena sleeping, how could Dan have sent that while he was asleep causing both Serenate and Vanessa&Dan to break up.

Didn't really suspected him because I thought he was too obsessed with Serena do be bad to her. Now I know what kind of obsession it really was!

I actually first knew it was him when he wrote his final chapter, because GG said at the beginning of this season that she had the feeling this would be her final one.

Never liked Dan much, him being GG makes him more of an interesting character but an even worse friend and boyfriend.



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There are no hints, only coincidences. They pulled the reveal out their ass.

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