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plus the fact that he used to do this with Blake :((( omg

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omg his hair is outta control

and yes that's exaclty what i thought of when i saw these! my pb heart :( <33

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He needs to cut his hair. I don't want my Dair scenes ruined because of this bush on his head.
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omg Penn please please please cut your hair! And who is that girl???! Did I miss something?!

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manda ♥'s PB SFM
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OMFG just that picture comparison just broke my PB heart damn  it!!!! how?? NOOO????

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emy it's Zoe Kravitz.. 

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i am just going to spam this with 




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I and Iv(eevil) happen to disagree on everything.....


I agree on this that OMG i hate his hair....

Its like he was all happy with Blake(even his hairs were happy)  but with her gone he is like some kinda drug addicted dirty and messy...

I mean seriously look at him look at his hair his beard his HEALTH...

Seriously Penn what have you made of yourself??

Does'nt Penn a have a sincere friend who can tell him this??

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blake is really fug in those vacation pics.


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yeah penn isn't allowed to go to a beach with a girl anymore he's not allowed to go near girls anymore full stop shame on him

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