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This show is just shit now I just want to know how it ends I don't care bout chair as they are just repective now Derena never liked them together I can't stand Dan being judgmental and Serena only wanting Dan when he falls for someone else. Overall this show is laughable they don't deserve season 6 as ratings are worst this season well we shall see if it renewed
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I dont hate Blair this season,

I just hate her clothes, it seems like she's asking fashion advice from Elena Gilbert :)

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Ita wth mrs niklaus..blairs dressing sense this ep can't get worse alongwth her hair..I mean I know dans hair suck too this season but I honestly think blairs hair looks worse than dan's..lol
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I like Penn's natural curly locks, have you guys seen the pictures of Penn at the shows 100th episode Party. He looks so beautiful, too bad he doesn't wear it like that on the show, I like Dans season 1, season 2, and season 3 [the start of it] hair. I like season 2 the best!

As for Blair, I thought she was beautiful in season 1, but nowdays. Her clothes don't look comfy and their hidious!

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Well danfan I agree wth u. Penns hair outside the shows great. His mop of curls mkes him look so hot but thy style his hair so hideously on the show which mkes him look horrible.. Which is really sad bcoz he's so effing hot
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lol you do realise blair's wearing unflattering things to hide the baby bump

smh tbh

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I hate Louis. >_>

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I love Dan's hair season 4 and Blair's hair season 2. Hottest. :))
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there are flattering ways to hide a baby bump

those dresses are hideous, it seemed like they fired the costume coordinator from season 1 and season 2

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Her hair... Well, I think it's because of Leighton's hair. They only try to make it looks better :D



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