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it´s not that i dont like season 3, but really, it´s nothing compared to season one...the OMG moments were not about what the next  "tabu" they could put on tv but about the actual story lines...BECAUSE THERE WAS A STORY LINE

and the fashion has become a little costumy...

i want blair and serena falling for the same guy soon!!


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lol. you are not the only one.


majority of us here does. but then again, it's time to move on.

Because the characters will/should always grow..

the writing in s3 may be a lil off but i still have my hopes up.

besides, Serena can't be trying hard miss-do-good forever,

jenny can't be miss social climber forever (now she's a queen,actually. so no need to climb the ladders)

Blair can't be the constance queen forever (but she can forever be a bitch)

Chuck can't be an ass forever (but he can forever be chuck bass, iykwim)

Nate can't be dumb forever (ok. maybe he can be. but who cares)

Dan can't be lonelyboy forever (he's now the queen B at NYU.lol)

Who else?

Ugh. can't mention that whoeverhernameis. she annoys me.


there are other threads like this too.

but as i said, let's move on now.. lol

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