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I didn't watch the episode, but from what I've read about it (and from what I have seen earlier in the season), I am surprised that Louis' actions were shocking to people.    The girl cheated on him, lied to him, was going to marry him without actually loving him  (did she think it was just her life that would be impacted by this marriage? how very considerate of her) , ran off with another guy without so much as saying good bye, got herself into a car accident and lost Louis' child.   And through all of that the thought that maybe Louis should be pissed and it's weird that he is not never occurs to anyone?   Really?  Sorry Blair fans, but I kind of see where he was coming from. 

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It wasn't Blair's fault that she lost Louis' child. Actually I hate Blair after this episode. And I think we should let her go with fucking Humphrey because that's the only thing she deserves now. Good for you, Louis!

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THANK YOU guys for just being who you are. Finally some reasoning.

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@ain't born typical



exactly my thoughts! i never liked blair, but seriously.

louis was a bit too psycho-ish in the end, but blair did not deserve any better.

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Well I don't know about deserve / not deserve.  I am saying I get where he was coming from.  He is painted as a villain in this situation.   And while I do think what he did is mean, I sort of get his reasons.

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I didn't watch the episode.


How dare you share your unenlightened opinions with us, Cupcakes! How dare, you, madam.


And I think we should let her go with fucking Humphrey because that's the only thing she deserves now.


What's Dan done that we're talking about him deserving the metaphorical unwanted dredges from the barrel? At any rate, I thought it was Chuck who brought out the wickedness in Blair -- her words, not mine. If Louis has standards, why can't Dan Humphrey have some?

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Soo, leave the chuckistan-gang alone. They're currently accusing Dan of having a serious brain damage and mental issues. What a nice world they live in!
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I agree that louis has every reason to be pissed, and can completely see where he's coming from, plus while it may not seem like it on tv, he's got a responsibility to Monaco. Yes what's happening to blair is very harsh but she's not the only victim. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out

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Sooie, I beg to differ. My opinion is very enlightened as it based on what other people said they saw; so it must be true.
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Yep, I feel no sympathy for Blair. Face it, she was going to do the same thing to him (marry him without really loving him). Welcome to your new, fabulous FAIRYTALE (or should I say nightmare) B!









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