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That post looks weird. Aghhhh the enters!

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I will extend this post and say that no one deserves sympathy in this show. 

Blair is crazy for Chuck (and I mean really crazy) and is marrying someone she treated badly only because of a promise to God that she made. 

Louis played the victim all this time so he is responsible too. 

Chuck is crazy for Blair (and I mean really crazy), no wonder Blair thought it was him who sent the video

Dan is being Blair's puppy, he needs to move on I think because Blair clearly is still crazy for Chuck (I love you more and more every day if that's even possible to love someone that much...CRAZY ) 

Serena is crazy for telling Dan she loves him while everybody knows he's into Blair. Serena seems to always like Dan when he is with someone else but the moment he is alone he is just not that interesting anymore. 


The show was bad last night, the writers deserve no sympathy either. They promised us to cry (what was emotionnal in that episode anyway?) they promise grand gestures (uh telling someone you love them in the middle of a party isn't a grand gesture to me at least...) and homage to the pilot (why didn't we get to see more of the group all together celebrating, that's what I miss from the beggining of the show, everybody laughing having fun in a party )

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She does not always like Dan when he is with someone else, Blair is really the only case. She did not care about Georgina with him (season 3) nor with Vanessa until she was getting mad at Nate (while dan had drama with Vanessa) and it isn't crazy to tell him how she feels even if he is into Blair, she owed him a reason for extending the fake dating and she was honest. He was looking up plane tickets for France until Georgina barged in his loft with a baby bump, so that would make him as crazy as her if he was willing to follow her in France. Oh derena~ my bbys
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Sooie, I beg to differ. My opinion is very enlightened as it based on what other people said they saw; so it must be true.

Well, I doubt that there are multiple depths to be discovered in GG, so I suppose we could consider their opinions as Gospel.

This is my question though, I don't understand why Dan's particularly being an idiot in people's eyes. From what I've seen and heard (I haven't done a lot of seeing, I must confess),  Dan's doing what he considers the right thing. He's being a friend to Blair first, whatever feelings he's harbouring for her. Maybe, I'm just a sucker for an unrequited love plot line, maybe I'm buying the tortured artist con, I wouldn't know. Why is Dan considered the lowest pond scum? How does he deserve Blair when even the insipid prince is too good for the likes of her?

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I support team dodohead all the way!

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Why is Dan considered the lowest pond scum? How does he deserve Blair when even the insipid prince is too good for the likes of her?

Well in the world where Chuck is considered a hero, what else do you expect?   It's a bit troubling though.   Dan is a good guy who is being the most supportive of Blair at the moment without actually asking her for anything.   Apparently, that's horrible.    Whatever. 

My problem with Dan at the moment though is that he doesn't stand up to Blair.   It's one thing to be supportive.   It's another to stand by and watch someone make a clearly very badly thought out decision.   I guess love is blind. 

I doubt that there are multiple depths to be discovered in GG

If I really, really, really need a reason to procrastinate (and I do), I can make some up.  Like GG is trying to illuminate and bring forth the important issue surrounding the overlooked epidemic called stupidity that sponteneously occurs in some normally  intelligent people during the formative years between the ages of 16 - 25.  The syndrom called "f*** brain" manifests itself in the person making judgments that are completely opposite to what a reasonable person would do in the same situation.   Another telling symptom is blaming everyone else / trying to shove responsibility to (God, friends, enemies, puppies, the solar system) for your own dumb ass choices.   Sometimes, people outgrow it.   Sometimes, it lasts forever.

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Oh I totally agree. Blair used to be my favorite but I'm starting not to care what she does b/c she is digging her own grave. And I agree, she's sunk pretty low, but still I don't think low enough to be with dan. that's disgusting. (btw whoever's defending dan...I would love to explain why he is the worst character on this show if you want to get into that. he's the worst.)


anyway, I totally see where louis is coming from!! blair has been so ridiculous throughout their whole relationship, even during their wedding!! she can't make up her mind and kept going from louis to chuck even though she loves chuck. she is such an awful character now!! She used to be the witty, awesome one, but now I can't stand her. (but still, she can do much better than the brooklyn donut.)


I think Chuck deserves much better than this blair. if she snaps out of it soon, great, but if not, whatever. She isn't Queen B anymore :(  

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I don't think people think Dan is pondscum or whatever . The issue is that the writers have painted the Dair relationship as being one of love, support and friendship. Yet Dan was the only one who didn't try to talk Blair out of making the worst decision of her life. Chuck, Serena and even her own mother knew it wasn't right , yet Dan who has this big connection stood back and even wrote the vows and played the part of best man. In my eyes he let Blair and their friendship down by not trying to even talk to her. If he knows her that well , he surely could see that this was wrong, he has his own feelings for her but grow a spine and tell her like it is.



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GGFAN76, while I agree that Dan seems to have forgotten about having a point of view when it comes to Blair, you have to remember this was also the guy who tried to reunite her with Chuck because he wanted her to be happy. Blair has made a choice to marry Louis. He wanted the day to be a happy one for her, which is why I think he wrote Louis's vows and stood by this wedding. Do I think it's realistic? Hell no. But this is GG we are talking about. One thing I dislike however when Dan is painted more negatively than he really is. He has done nothing but be there for Blair. Really be there for her not expecting anything in return. Not sure how that gets twisted into Dan is such a bad person by some people.
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I think dan is pondscum for a lot of reasons, but ya it was also pretty crummy to help louis write fake vows and let blair go through with the wedding. he sucks IMHO

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