I think dan is repugnant in general, but yeah, the whole helping louis write fake vows thing was pretty crummy. hate that guy.

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oops sorry my computer died so I re-wrote my comment, but it's there twice. oh well, sorry!

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I said it on a post. B has done a lot of things to Louis, so I kinda see where's that d-bag is coming from. 

On the subject of DAIR... I love them, but I just don't think RIGHT NOW is the best time for them to be together. And I'm pretty sick on how Blair is "using" Dan most of the time. SHE needs to step up and help HIM. Even if they are just friends. It's a two way street, you know?

I think Dan is spoiling B a bit much.

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can't you see that that's the only kind of relationship blair will ever have with him?? she doesn't want anything more from him than someone to listen to her and do what she says.

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can't you see that that's the only kind of relationship blair will ever have with him??

I don't like Dair at all,  but did you see what kind of Relationship Chair had? Js. 

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besides the hotel thing (which was the writers' fault and OOC but whatever) they actually had a pretty good relationship and no one can deny that since 1x07 they've always loved eachother. Especially now that Chuck has become so good/mature, they're perfect for eachother (maybe not right now though since Blair might belong in an asylum...but you know what I mean)

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Chuck another character who was stripped of his personality. Honestly, if there was no Blair what would be the point of Chuck? He used to be funny. Now it is all tortured romance. Dan is whipped? Please. Chuck cries to a dog names Monkey because Blair had a nerve to move on. Pathetic really. Although I will give him one thing. He tried to move on and Blair sort of led him on. But still, he is pathetic.
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@Ain't Born Typical


I agree that Chuck has lost a bit of the awesomeness of Season 1 and Season 2 (his wit/sense of humor, his smugness, his badboy charm) but I still think he's a great character and I think it's great that he's become so mature and good (but the writers need to realize that he can still be really charming/funny...hopefully they'll give him some opportunities to insult dan or something haha) and Blair and Chuck were going to be together in 5x10 so only 4 episodes later, I think it's entirely realistic that he would still be trying to be with her. (Especially since he knows that she loves him as much as he loves her. And especially since he knows the reason that they 'can't' be together is ridiculous)


Chuck is my favorite character right now, don't insult him!! Blair used to be my favorite too, but she's loco now.

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I hope Dair fans are patient though. Because if Chair do break up for good, face it, there will be strong emotional consequences for Blair. With her already sorta off the rocker, her and Chuck being over for good could send her into full pyscho land. If you'd want Dair to last, you'd have to wait for Blair character development, which could take a good, long time seeing as how screwed up Blair is now.


This is exactly why I don't invest in my ships! 

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I think dan is repugnant in general, but yeah, the whole helping louis write fake vows thing was pretty crummy.I think Dan thought he was doing a good thing. I mean Louis is a foreigner (I think you can tell by his accent!) and maybe Dan thought him writing the vows would save Louis the embarrassment of any incorrect grammar/spelling/nonsensical words during the ceremony. It IS a "royal" wedding; everything has to be perfect. Plus if a writer writes Louis' vows for him then the vows will sound more eloquent, thereby pleasing the public. 

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