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I guess I understand why everyone is mad at Chuck. Still, I'm extremely disappointed and equally angry at Blair. 

No matter how much you love someone you should know better than to cheat on him.

That's not love. That's stupidity.

Forgive Chuck if he thinks Blair sleeping with someone else is no big deal since she's done it HOW many times now? Nate, Marcus, Jack (the first time), Carter, Nate (AGAIN).

I don't understand why Blair is put on a pedestal. Come on people, she's slept with his Uncle once already and she went into it this time WILLINGLY. It's his UNCLE! Gross. If she didn't think cheating was a big deal than why is Chuck getting heat for it?

I love Chuck to Blair to death. They are the only reason I watch the show. No matter how 'boring' they've gotten I would never want them be with other people. What's most frustrating is former Chair fans now rooting for Dan and Blair. Makes absolutely no sense to me since Blair would need a tetanus shot. Plus if they did hook up that means every character on the show has swapped and traded partners. As if the track record as is wasn't already messy enough. 

Just some thoughts. I know I am probably the only person feeling like this. 

I am so frustrated of all the Chuck bashing I had to say this. 

To me, Chuck could do no wrong. We all know he's an alcoholic, man whoring, date rapist with daddy issues. We loved him anyways. 

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Just stop.

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Blair didn't cheat on him...he tricked her into doing it!!

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Just stop.

LOL! But yes, please!!

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BB, it's was Chuck's plan all along. Jack wouldn't even BE at the store if Chuck hadn't directed him to. Chuck knew Blair would do it in the first place, so he didn't even bother to "ask." THAT'S why we 'hate' him. >_>

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Did you just watch the same episode as I did? 

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To me, Chuck could do no wrong.

This statement is wrong on so many levels bb.

it's was Chuck's plan all along.

yes it is. Leave all the manipulation to chuck bass.

Jack wouldn't even BE at the store if Chuck hadn't directed him to. Chuck knew Blair would do it in the first place, so he didn't even bother to "ask." THAT'S why we 'hate' him

This is true. But him not even bothering to ask her isn't the case. He simply let her choose. Though he knew she would say yes.

And hating him wouldn't solve anything. I still find this unfair. He's the one that got his characterization ruined.

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Oh honey, you're so cute, and you so don't get what the big deal is. The big deal is that he used his girlfriend's caring about him directly against her and colluded with a mutual foe to emotionally blackmail her into sleeping with him. This Jack Bass is not only his uncle, but is someone who has tried to rape his adoptive mother and turned his birth mother against him. The idea of him even leaving Blair alone in a room with him is stomach turning, but him putting her into a situation where she is forced to have sex with him is diabolical and shows he doesn't value her at all. You can't honestly love a woman and have no problem with another man touching her and kissing her and having sex with her, against what she wants, just for your benefit. That's sick, unhealthy and unforgivable.

Nobody has said that they are okay with Chuck's date rape. In fact, people not being okay with that is the primary reason they don't support Chuck getting with Jenny. Unless you're driving or getting drunk and abusing people being an alcoholic only hurts you, so there's no reason to hate him because of that, and daddy issues aren't your fault so there's no reason to hate someone for that.

The fact that you're that okay with date rape and using emotional abuse to pimp out people you claim to care about is...interesting to say the least, OP.

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Chuck is to blame. He is an ass. Is that clear enough? 

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