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Into located in Xiaoyi City hi-tech industrial park in the peak of construction waste recycling Cole Limited , "limited resources , infinite loop , recycling , the country " slogan eye-catching. That company responsible Haifeng , the " only in terms of Xiaoyi City , not roads, bridges and other concrete demolition waste , construction waste a year have 70 to 800,000 tons ,<a href="">Iron ore crushing machinery</a> the company take advantage of brick construction waste , could be handled 1.2 million tons of garbage , so that construction waste can achieve in-situ treatment and zero emissions , which saves farmland , and protect the environment . "

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When asked to select the original intention of garbage recycling project , the company responsible person that Haifeng , that Haipeng brothers very excited. That Haipeng said that in 2006 , the brothers learned from the Internet , as early as 2005 in Kunming country set up a special research center , recycling of construction waste recycling conduct feasibility study , environmental impact assessment . Since then , the brothers on the initiation of the transformation of the construction waste from the coal industry to the idea of gold ; 2008 , when the earthquake that "charity artist" Chen cursor has been in the construction trash "Gold Rush ",<a href="http://www.sellercrusher.com/solutions/palm-kernel-crushing-machine.html">palm kernel crushing machine</a> the brothers finally determined to abandon coal procurement profession, taking advantage of young working hard in addition some world ; October 2011 began planning the project , April 26, 2012 , by Xiaoyi city government unified planning , the project site to determine the start land leveling, 7 officially started March ; June 2013 devices installed, July 13 officially put into use . From construction to production less than a year .

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In the company , that gave reporters calculations Haipeng economic accounts , the production of new environmentally friendly building materials , purchase of raw materials 60 yuan each side stones , sand, 100 yuan per square , and handling construction waste crushing needs , transforming out of the gravel, sand per square average price of $ 80, plus a large amount of soil containing machine wear and low value-added , the conversion process than the direct purchase of raw materials more expensive 25 yuan per square .To encourage this green energy project cycle , Xiaoyi municipal government support, government procurement priorities for the product , giving garbage disposal fee of $ 600,000 per year , city technology projects that benefit also give 50 million yuan of funds .

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