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Homegirl cannot catch a break!

Also, I've been to college...pizza + some random homeschooled girl's amateur documentary < sushi party. You learn that on the first day of orientation.


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bleighton squeeeeee
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you would think that, but i have some ::cough:: friends that are determined to stick it to the man. they would totally pick some lame ass documentary by some troll over sushi to prove some point about how they aren't fooled by fads or something.

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Danica_Hill, yes, yes I am. I saw that all last season and I'm seeing it now. Although the Vanessa pimping has been amped up to about 1000.

Agreed. Also agreed that everybody just buying into Georgina is more contrivance to make Blair beaten down some more.

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It would've been a smidgen better if G was behind the whole humiliation deal, because it wasn't really shown that way. Instead, it was G who emphasized that B was a loser/weirdo/outcast/at the bottom of the social ladder because of the way she is.

It was further cemented by what G in the promo: something like "light a match and watch her go up in flames" - like G doesn't have to do anything, B is just made of fail as it is.

Apparently the most entertaining thing that the writers can possibly come up with is to keep Blair out of her comfort zone, resulting in her spectacular facial expressions and lines which endears us to her even more, but it doesn't have to be this bad. At least do it while B is in an Ivy League school or something.

And no disrespect to Dan but if it's been established before that she can't stand more than 5 seconds with him, or needed tetanus shots before being near him, you can just imagine how low B had to go to just get into the party. (Of course these could just be snappy one-liners just written for the heck of it so...)

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yeah but g is going to be behind blair humiliation next week so yeah but still really  the whole episode was like lets totally smack on blair and first of all there are all different kinds of people at nyu so it was a little annoying how like they didnt even leave her with one or two girls to hang with w/e im excited cause i know next week is going to be good

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Blair will haunt Gorgina and Dan down ,,,,

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Once the whole of NYU find out Blair Waldorf is dating the almighty and powerful Chuck Bass, they will be eating out of the palm of her hand. Vanessa will get what she deserves when she finds out she's been used by Scott to get to Rufus and Lilly. HAHAHA Can't wait til that episode.


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I don't mind because in a way she deserves it and A) Blair is no where being a homegirl and B) no one at NYU would care about Chuck Bass, I wouldn't be suprised if they probably thought he was secretly gay.

Note this I love Blair and Chuck but she does cause her problems herself and no one else does it she does. Chuck told her not to go there expecting to rule these people and she should have listened. She didn't want to be friends with any them so its not big deal as she was more rude than they were.

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Blair will figure out a way to rule the whole University( which is effen weird btw) And why does it always come back to Vanessa when she's not even doing anything to sabotage Blair, It's Georgina.

Damn, I don't get y'all.

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That because they need to hate her and blame Vanessa for large part for their small role. Technically it was Dan and Georgina who eff up Blair plans. Blair was an idiot for using Dan knowing full well he could turn on her like last season.

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