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I adore this couple, they are my favorites since ever and I they should be End Game for me. What do you guys think? Do you agree with Nenny?

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yeahhhh I love them!!

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OMG I love this thread and the spoiler and N/H spoiler thread. Finally some Nate/Jenny support is being represented here. Let's keep this thread alive guys.

Serana is a fugly slag ho. I want NJ back not until Nate gets tested for STDs first. That should be this thread's motto lol.

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After seeing how SErenate is written, even though I always thought they had potential...all of a sudden, I'm thinking back on N/J too.

Maybe because it was another thing Vanessa was used to obliterate in season 2.

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Yay! Jenny/Nate fans.

I was thinking, everythnig was all abotu Serenate which is totally boring me.

I'm telling you guys, once shes done with Nate shes after Chuck next, then shes been with them all.


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Theres a thread now?!

Thank you!


NJ Endgame  :)

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found itttttt.

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the last time there was a nenny thread there were only 2 other fans besides me. haha

hi my name is lucinda and i am a nenny shipper/addict

(hi lucinda)

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gotta check into rehab :)


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