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It makes me sick I'm about to comment on a "teen show" but I gota comment I caught the first two or three seasons on TV and then lost track of the show. Then caught up on Netflix and Hulu recently. Seeing a show episode after episode can bring a different perspective then week to week over a year. It causes certain things to stick out and makes you hate the "TV" part ruin a story and at the same time the idea of how the story should end by somebody higher up get in the way of what was developed on screen.

So much of this show became lets move the chess pieces around the board and have the game reset after the first "check" is made. That's very much the idea of most TV shows but GG straddled the line of providing arch's vs resetting the board. The show can be summed up as "we can't be together now until we have grown up because I love you". So we have relationships set up at the begging in the first year that cements audiences into believing who these characters are suppose to be with. Only to  make them stay apart because "we're not ready to be in love this young". A often used ploy for TV. Only on GG it became egregious and IMHO caused the ratings slide.

The best on screen natural development that was ever plausible was the Dan and Blair friendship/relationship. Here was two characters who had no love for one another, no pre determined outcome of what was suppose to happened down the line. What was written and developed over a plausible amount of time was above the common GG fray.  These character for a season and a half were real and developed as much as anything they had mustered before it. It was horrifying to know as I watched that they were going to be reset again as preconceived stereotypes of who that charter was. They couldn't be allowed to stay as two people who grew and were merging two worlds or that Dan was already part of that world. The Ex producers had the idea of how this show should end and only gave the writers time to fill in the pages in-between. So when they said it was time to reset the chess board they did the best they could. This plot was the biggest abuser of this but by far not the only.

Does anybody even know what the Ivy charter is now? Seriously what was the point of this character at all now? GG jumped all over the place already in plots why spend so much time on another character. My only thoughts is she was the anti Dan or want to be Dan. She wanted that world but couldn't have it. Even so it was horribly written and developed.

Then comes Serena's dad. Nothing more then a preconceived notion of how these characters should end up. He was in the show less then anybody else! Yet somehow he is in the finally when he shouldn't have. He had to be of course with what the Execs wanted, because Dan had to end up the one to show that in order to be a part of this world you had to earn your stripes in ruthlessness. Rufus couldn't be the one with the tall blond even if they got married and spent most of the show together. They HAD to bring people back to life her EX just so there marriage wasn't valid for lord sakes. Talk about resetting the chess pieces!

The other thing that probably hurt this show most was the loss of Taylor Momsen. The loss of her brought about characters that wasn't well thought out or written. It caused less screen time and development of Nate. I think it's obvious now they didn't know what to do with Nate after season three. He didn't have a single relationship with anybody but guest stars after season three. Jenny was suppose to be his predetermined love for a few years. It also caused Blair to have no foil and turned Serena from self destructive damsel into playing the foil roll to blair. Causing for me at least to be a less likable character. Not because she was doing mean things but because it wasn't developed or make any since. She wasn't doing mean things to Blair because she was hurt or wanted to push her away. She did them because somebody in a plot line needed something to happen.  The entire time it should have been Dans little sister doing these things involving a plot line that was thought out. There should have been a story line involving Jenny trying to break apart her brother and blair for example and using Serena to make it happen.

All I can say is if I was the exec I would have ended it like this.

 Rufus and Lilly end up being together. Showing that despite all her maneuvering Lilly wasn't incapable of loving somebody. She spent 6 years growing on GG and still leaves as a professional hard women who can have a family with a soft spot. Rufus is inspired by his son to fight for his women and accepts her faults as a upper east sider as much as she does he isn't a CEO.

Nate and Jenny together if I could have prevented Taylor from leaving maybe even still if you do the five years fast forward. Anyways  these two had great on screen chemistry to start out with. In my version of the end Nate has his newspaper and Jenny is given "GG" by Dan. Nobody is told who GG except for two people in the fictional world. Dan has a scene or two where he reveals he is GG to Jenny and why he needed it. Now though he has matured and no longer wants the thing he once did. He gives it to her because she has became who Blair was "queen bee" and ended up with the man Blair once thought she was suppose to be with. He also tells here her he is giving it to her to counter Nate because Nate is phone hacking like in the UK and feels gossip girl would be more responsible with all this information then Nates paper.GG has a life of it's own and will never die. Nate on the other hand is obsessed with finding out who his main competition is and doesn't know he is sleeping right next to her. A perfect little power couple!

Chuck ends up alone. Why because he should be! He's a would be/is a rapist. He never matured during the show. He acted like a self centered child to the end. I loved the actor and he played a compelling foil. However this is your bad guy who only wants power. His dad doesn't magically appear and does everything to imitate him. Think Lex Luther!

Then there is only Dan's choice. Serena or Blair?? My version would go like this. Jenny successfully breaks up Dan and Blair at the end of season 5. She does this of course to get back at Blair from some scheme. Jenny uses Chuck and Serena to stir up doubt, jealousy, and destiny to break them apart. At the end of Season 5 they are so insecure in the belief that each of them think the other is meant for somebody else  Each of them telling the other they need to be with that other person. So in season 5 Blair is broken hearted running to Chuck as planned, and Serena comes to Dan to console him. Season 6 is mainly filled with Chuck and Serena trying to cover their tracks in how they helped brake up Dan and Blair.

 Blair takes over her moms company and with Chucks maneuvering and backing it's a hit! Dan continues to do his second book but this time he keeps it with Nate. Jenny is the one who uncovers the hacking story but her only evidence is video of Chuck and Blair fighting and Chuck admitting the plot to break up Dan and Blar. He threatens to ruin her family and business if she ever leaves him, but Dan would get far worse!  Jenny confronts Nate about the video and both agree to help Blair if she doesn't release the video. There plan fails though and Jenny only has one option GG. She sends the video in not knowing it's Dan. However nothing is posted on GG about the video. Instead Dan confronts Serena with the video. She begs for forgiveness and offers to set up Chuck if Dan will stay with her and their "baby"! Dan is shocked at the news and agrees. Her plans works and Chuck is sent to jail for blackmail and other charges. After this Dan has his moment with Jenny and explains everything to her. Why he created it and why he no longer needs it. He's scared of what's Nate's doing at his paper but cares to much about them both to post the phone hacking evidence. So he offers GG to her to try and counter Nate.

Then the final final scene. One still acting like a child scheming and selfish, but beautiful and sure of her place in the upper east side . The other was a child who had acted as one but has grown. Who does he choose? They're at the Penthouse for Serena's rushed wedding that he planned with her mom to end the threat of Blair stealing Dan. Rufus uncovers the ploy at the last minute and tells Dan the truth of Serena's non pregnancy.  He runs out of the penthouse and into the only car with keys. A car that looks an awfully allot like the one Blair and him escaped in from her wedding "just married" paint and all. He calls Jenny and she tracks Blair to the Airport about to leave for Paris. Jenny calls Dorota and gets her to delay Blaire .

Lonely Boy gets there right before she gets in the private plane. Blair is confused and starts on a rant about how this is her plane and she isn't sharing it with the newlyweds. Dan interrupts her rant tells her "Blair will you just shut up for once. I'm not with Serena or here for Serena. I've thought I wanted Serena for most my adult life. Hell I even invited GG to get Serena!" Shocked look on Blairs face! "But the only time I've been truly happy is when I'm with you. We never had any preconceived idea of what we wanted or expected from each other. We were just ourselves with each other. Somehow threw all the scheming trying to get what we wanted. We found what we really wanted was that time we spent in front of a movie together. Not a Crown be it a actual Crown or the tall Blonde ones. Blair I love you and all your faults . You have nothing to hide from me and will need to hide nothing because I accept you for who you really are!" She's crying and so is Dorata. Dan gets down on one knee and opens the weeding ring "I know you have had bigger rings but this one you won't ever have to take off. Blair Waldorf will you marry me?" Blair crying shakes her head yes. They jump in the back of the car and Dorota askes "where to"  Dan responds " Where else? Home to the upper east side" then they drive off in the "Just Marrried" limo once again.

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Sorry for the Wall of words. It didn't format the way I wanted and I don't see a edit button.

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write a fanfic. post it on db or nj thread on

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Who knows but this was kind of my raw GG rant all let out after two days of watching. I've gotten used to TV show endings, although it always seems to make me sad to see something end. I had moved on from the show and netflix had it and the Dair story line was somehow so much more compelling then anything they had done before and so i wanted to finish the show. At least Everwood knew how to end a show on short notice. I also watch allot of anime and anime usually only runs for 13-16 episodes then the series is over . You get allot of progression usually and allot let reset the chess board. I think the resetting the Chess board was a major issue for GG.

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I understand what you mean about the chess board, but most of the time it actually works. I mean did you honestly think that Seth and Summer wouldn't end up together? No way, everyone knew that they were endgame, but they were so much fun to watch anyway. The same thing is the truth with Ross and Rachel on Friends. Each show inserts their own entertaining obstacles that are specific to their shows style and genre, but they tend to have a super-couple that you know will be endgame. The wait is delicious and fun to watch, depending on what kind of stuff you like to watch on tv shows. It's all part of entertainment. Its also part of the story that was being told and built up for people who watch the show religiously. For example, Dan and Serena being together at the end made even more sense when we found out Dan was Gossip Girl and everything linked.

I also think that there were heaps of obstacles besides growing up. These include:

Having to forgive people for their mistakes and getting past them Parents marrying each other and sharing a sibling Being brave enough to put your heart on the line Other relationships and love triangles Unrequited love Sorting your own individual needs out before jumping into a relationship. The growing up obstacle was something that was used in Season 2 and Season 6 with Chuck and Blair's relationship. 
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