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Ed Westwick is half-naked in ChaletGirl and he has an amazing upper body. So it IS the director's fault they never show him like that in GG. Not his, not the tattoos, nothing.

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You saw it?! How was it? :)
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We're actually grateful he doesn't get to take his shirt off on gossip girl. 



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Speak for yourself :)
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No he doesn't. He's still a doughboy, and I watched that terrible movie.


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that film looks shit

now that i know there is a somewhat naked ed, i am even more put off



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All I know is, that he has to work twice as hard on his body than the other guys because the producers already told him he couldn't gain more since he has already gained so much during the last seasons. 

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He actually uses his full voice in the trailer...

why the fuck can't he do it on GG, I hate that raspy smokers voice.

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Why would you watch a film twice if you didnt like it?

It has extremely good reviews so either your wrong or the professional critics who get payed for their opinions are wrong... I know who Im gonna believe... The critics.

Im gonna go and see it as soon as i can! :)

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My best friend is a Ed stan, she made me watch the movie after I already did. It's terrible, and I have an awesome taste.


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