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ok so i was re-reading on of my QuizFest magizines and they had this game called Kiss Diss and Marry and i thought i would bring this game onto this site with the boy choices being Nate, Chuck and Dan

mine is

Kiss: Dan

Diss: Nate


Marry: Chuck

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Marry: Chuck

Kiss: Nate

Diss: Dan



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Marry: Chuck Bass. <3

Kiss: Nate Archibald.

Diss: Dan Humphery.

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Kiss: Nate

Diss: Dan

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marry: chuck bass!!!!!!! <3

kiss: nate

diss: dan

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Marry: Chuck

Kiss: Nate

Diss: Dan

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Marry: Chuck Bass :)

Kiss: Dan

Diss: Nate

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marry: chuck<3 <3

kiss: dan

diss: nate

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Oh, no question

Kiss: Nate -- 'cuz, you gotta admit, even though he's clueless, he is cute, plus, he'll be too stupid to commit 'cuz he'll forget about it the minute he sees Serena's boobs

Diss: Ugh, Dan. -- Just because.

Marry: CHUCKLES! -- Who wouldn't want C to sleep beside them at night, no one I tell you!


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Kiss- Dan. C-mon you guys! He's so sweet and funny, plus Penn is hot!

Diss- Chuck. I do NOT want the risk of diseases. Plus, he treats girls like shit and I don't find Ed attractive.

Marry- Nate! He is super sexy, has money and can be really sweet and caring when he wants to be. Plus, you couldn't stay mad at a face like that for very long.

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