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Leighton looked UH - AMAZING at the movie awards


Is it me or is her hair a bit longer? Did she maybe get extensions?

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She looks amazing despite the dress is a tad too big on her


But her face just wins over everything., So so so pretty


And she's one of the three big starlets who get to wear Balmain. KStew, Mila, and her. Yippee!

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She looks really pretty with long hair!

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i think she should have won best villain

you know for the roommate

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i think so too:(


i justt found these 2 nice blogs dedicated to leighton<3



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The movie award was great! The winner were all deserving! Good thing I had subscribed to Tvhod so I wasn't able to miss it.

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This dress looks familiar.

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This dress looks familiar.




sparkly long sleeve mini-dresses are pretty popular right now.

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