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"I'm In Here" by Sia

(the unforgettable train station scene)

I'm gonna have to agree. maybe because it was so recent but I have not stopped listening to that song since it aired on that episode. It's beautiful.

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omg, I just loved I'm in here by sia, I just love her voice. :)

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Oh! I can't believe I forgot this one, Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. It was also featured on True Blood in season 3. It's just... so chilling and eerie but beautiful, I'm in love with this song.

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 Lately I have been crazy over "i'm afraid of everyone" by The National.....but I love "The ice is getting thinner", "I'm in here", "Signs", "Sour Cherry", "Fell in love without you", and "New York I love you but you're bringing me down".

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The pierces - Secret.

Lovelovelove that song!

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Ooooh The Ice is Getting Thinner is a GREAT one! It was odd for a wedding song considering... lol but it was still great. Anything Death Cab is usually awesome.

Runaway by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is another awesome one. Or Ricochet by Shiny Toy Guns. Also awesome :)

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And also Believe by The Bravery!

So many songs... lol

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I'm not going to say it is the best ever, but i definitely think the B.O.B song "ghost in the machine" is awesome, everytime i hear it i think of g.g.!!

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Signs - Bloc Party (2x13)

Like A G6 - Far East Movement (4x05)

Fell In Love Without You - Motion City Soundtrack (2x01)

Percussion Gun - White Rabbits (3x18)

Wild Wolves - Athlete (3x13)

Bitch - Plastiscines (3x09)

I'm In Here - Sia (4x02) 

Ghost In The Machine - B.o.B (4x02)

One Week Of Danger - The Virgins (1x08) 

How Does It Feel? - Eskimo Joe (1x08) 

Crystalised - The xx (3x13)

1901 - Phoenix (3x02)

Tighten Up - The Black Keys (4x03) 

Time To Pretend - MGMT (1x18)

Sour Cherry - The Kills (1x15)

Sea Out - Guillemots (2x07)

It's Hard To Live In The City - Albert Hammond Jr (1x01)

With Me - Sum 41 (1x07)

Crash & Burn Girl - Robyn (2x04)

Believe - The Bravery (1x02)

Make Believe - The Burned (3x19)

Runaway - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2x21)

Oh Chérie - New Young Pony Club (4x03)

Falling Down - Scarlett Johannson (3x16)

Embers - Just Jack (3x02)

The Ice Is Getting Thinner - Death Cab For Cutie (1x18)

I Can Feel A Hot One - Manchester Orchestra (2x03)

Lights Out - Santogold (2x03)

Whatever You Like - Anya Marina (3x09)

Je Ne Te Connais - Prototypes (4x02)

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry (4x01)

Apologize - OneRepublic (1x10)

The General Specific - Band Of Horses (1x13)

Under Pressure - Crooked Fingers (3x22)

You're A Wolf - Sea Wolf (1x10)

Love The Way You Lie - Eminem & Rihanna (4x06)


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Guess that pretty much sums it up .. .? :)

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