well, i won't be original, but i'll be completely honest  cause i'm goin for I COULD FEEL A HOT ONE. it was stuck in my head for months and it still is. and it featured CHAIR amazing season 2 scene. and apart from that one, tons of songs, e.g. by bloc party, and lately new young pony club- lost a girl . <3333333333333 and recently discovered robyn's songs.

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I'll divide my list into sesaons :)Season 1 -

Young Folks

Something to Believe in

I feel like it all

La Ritournelle

APOLOGIZE (best scene ever).

Someone great

The air we breath



The ice is getting thinner.

Season 2 -


Season 3 -

Mike snow - Animal

Phoenix - 1901

Far East movment - I party/Animal.

aw there's too much, i can't pick :(

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Top 5:


Signs - bloc Party

With me - sum 41

With a heavy heart - Does it offend you, yeah?

Beat The Devils tattoo - BRMC

Too Late - M83

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FamousCookie[Always have, always will]
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Have to resurrect this thread to mention Reverse of Shade by the Windupdeads. I don't think it was ever technically on the show, but it was in the very first promos for it way back in season 1. Sigh... good times. And that song is amazing.

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cookie, that song = <333333

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BRMC - Beat the devil's tattoo

The Death Weather - I can't hear you

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

The Black Keys - Tighten Up

B.o.B. - Ghost in the machine

Scanners - Salvation

Delta Spirit - People C'mon

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I Can Feel a Hot One OMG <3 so perfect for that scene :')

and Ghost in the Machine was spectacular

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Oh yeah, Sonic Youth's star power

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Some of my faves, most of which are DS scenes because I just adored DS....


Dogs Days are Over-Florence & the Machine (DV at the beach-themed college party)

New York City - Among Savages (DB officially become an item)

I'm In here - Sia (CB at the train station)

Angel - Mr. Little Jeans (DB in the elevator)

Do the Panic - Phantom Planet (Everyone studying for the SAT's)

Whatcha Say - Jason Derulo (Thanksgiving Dinner with the whole cast)

Down by the Water - The Drums (S & the professor at the ballet while D looks on)

Fell in Love Without You - Motion City Soundtrack (DS on the beach with fireworks)

I Can Feel a Hot One - Manchester Orchestra (DS break up in the elevator - my favorite scene of the entire series)

Believe - The Bravery (end of 1x02 montage)

The Gift - Angels & Airwaves (DSJ leave the Kiss on the lips party in the pilot)

Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne - (DS on a date, playing pool)

Whatever - Elliot Smith (intimate moment between DS in the loft)

Kids - MGMT - (N,D, Trip playing football...dumb scene but fantastic song)

B.O.B. - Ghost in the Machine (C invites Eva back to NY)

Tell me a Lie - Fratellis - (DS on the bus...strawberries!!)

Beautiful Girl - Sean Kingston (SB running around taking pictures of themselves around NY)


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Definetely 'Afraid of Everyone' by the National. You could really feel the hate between Blair and Chuck (As it should alway be...)

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