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Top 5:

Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire

Bloc Party - Signs

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

Billy On Poison - On My Way

Motion City Soundtrack - Fell In Love Without You

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i'm surprised noone has said with me...after all the scene that with it was epic, but i also would have to agree with GG_Bass and say sex on fire by the Kings of Leon, and possibly season of love by the shiny toy guns!

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i really like sea out by the guillemots, but almost all the songs on gg are great

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Yeah, I can't choose one song. cause I love almost all of the songs, every song is just made for certain scene. Btw. I love all of the songs what you guys have said already. I gotta say that I love Shwayze-Buzzin' too, it was the first song in S2.

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omg! yes i loved Sea Out by the Guillemots! cant believe i forgot that one

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''The Kings Of Leon episode'' was great! I love their last album!

Season of love..yeaah I forgot it! I looove that song!

and I really liked when ''Right Round'' started! addictive song!

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secret-the pierces

paparazzi-lady gaga

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Signs - Bloc Party. After hearing this on Gossip Girl, it has become my favourite song of all time, and i've discovered the other incredible music that Bloc Party has made .. thanks GG!


I Can Feel a Hot One - Manchester Orchastra

Slow Show - The National (i reccomend listening to Fake Empire by the same band too!)

Breakdown - Deerheart

Stripper - Soho Dolls

Season of Love - Shiny Toy Guns

Three Wishes - The Pierces

Sea Out - Guillemotts


IMHO, the season 3 soundtrack hasn't been as great as the previous two. appart from Embers by Just Jack, there hasnt been a song i've LOVED


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fell in love without you acoustic

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Diamond Tiara, I totally agree!!!! That whole scene was so epic! Def on of my favorite scenes (even though I love Dan and Serena)!

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